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Simpson Strong-Tie® AutoCAD® Menu

The Simpson Strong-Tie® AutoCAD® Menu allows you to insert Ortho views directly into your AutoCAD drawing. Starting with the AutoCAD 2012 menu, you can also insert Perspective drawings.

Installation instructions included
with download
For AutoCAD 2012 and above:
UPDATED (11/17/2014) - 521 new drawings and a video on how to install and use the software. If you are already using AutoCAD® Content Explorer simply install these DWGs to your watched folder. If you are new to Content Explorer please watch the 2 minute 37 video included with the download

AutoCAD 2000-2009
Menu installation instructions

AutoCAD 2010-2011
Menu installation instructions
Previous version, for AutoCAD 2000–2011:

Please report any problems to autocad-menu-help@strongtie.com.

Screenshot — menu for AutoCAD 2012 and above:

Sceenshot — menu for AutoCAD 2000–2011:

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