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Catalog: Wood Construction Connectors 2013-2014

Includes specifications, load tables and fastener schedules for over 3,000 connectors. Application drawings are provided to clarify installation. Wood-to wood, wood-to concrete and wood-to-masonry connections included. An indispensable reference for anyone planning a wood structure.
C-2013 expires 12/31/14. Replaces C-2011, F-C2011ADD.

Please note that updates have been made to product information on strongtie.com since the printing of the C-2013 catalog. View the updates here.
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  1     Front Cover
2-3   Simpson Strong-Tie: Quality, Support & Innovation / Genuine Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors
4-5   Alphabetical Index
6   Subject Index; Keep This Catalog
7   Introduction: Company Profile, Simpson's Quality Policy, Technical Support, ISO 9001-2008 Registration
8-9   New Products
10-11   Discontinued Products
12   How to Use This Catalog
13   CODE Information: Codes, Codes Reference Key Chart
14 -15   Corrosion Information: Understanding the Issues, General Recommedations, Coatings Available, Guidelines for Selecting the Proper Connector, Environment Classification Chart
16-18   Important Information: Warning, General Notes, General Instructions for the Installer, General Instructions for the Designer
19   Important Information: Limited Warranty, Terms & Conditions of Sale; Conversion Charts
20   Integrated Component Systems
21   Software and Apps
Fasteners & Quik Drive® Systems
  22-23   Fastener Types; Fastener Design Information; Fastening Identification;
Simpson Strong-Tie Nails; 33° Collated Structural-Connector Nail
24-25   Quik Drive® Fasteners and Attachments
26   SDS & SD Wood Screws
  27   SD Structural-Connector Screw
Concrete Connectors & Anchors   28   UFP Universal Foundation Plate

FAP/FJA/FSA Foundation Anchors
29-30   MASA/MASAP Mudsill Anchors
30   Alternative Mudsill Anchor Installations
31   LMAZ/MA/MAB/MASB Mudsill Anchors
32   FWAZ/FWANZ Foundation Wall Angles
33-34   SB Anchor Bolt
35-37   SSTB® Anchor Bolts
GH Girder Hangers
38   PAB Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt
39   RFB Retrofit Bolts

CNW/HSCNW Coupler Nuts
40   BP/LBP Bearing Plates

WT Wedge Form Ties
41   ANCHORMATE® Anchor Bolt Holders
ABS Anchor Bolt Stabilizer
STRAPMATE® Strap Holder
ABL Anchor Bolt Locator
42-45   Anchoring Systems: Sill Plate Anchor Solutions; Concrete Anchors Designed to Meet 2009 and 2012 IBC; Anchoring Adhesives, Mechanical Anchors
Holdowns & Tension Ties   46   HDU/DTT2Z Holdown
47   HDQ8/HHDQ Holdowns
48   HDC Concentric Holdown

MSTD Marriage Strap
49   LTT/HTT Tension Ties
50   HDB/HD Holdowns
51-52   LSTHD/STHD Strap Tie Holdown
53   PA Strap Tie Holdowns
54   PA/HPA Purlin Anchors
Caps & Bases   55   AB/ABU/ABW Adjustable and Standoff Post Bases
Please note that updates have been made to this PDF since the printing of the C-2013 catalog. View the updates here.
CPTZ Concealed Post Tie
57   EPB44T/EPB44PHDG Elevated Post Bases

EPB Elevated Post Bases
58   PB/PBS Regular and Standoff Post Bases
59   EPS4Z Post Bases
CBSQ Column Bases
60   LCB/CB Column Bases;
61   BC/BCS Post Caps

LCC Lally Column Caps / CCOS Steel Column Caps
62   AC/ACE/LPCZ/LCE Post Caps

PC/EPC Post Caps
63   CCQ/ECCQ Column Caps
64   CC/ECC/ECCU Column Caps
65   ECCLQ/CCCQ/CCTQ Column Caps

ECCL/CCC/CCT Column Caps
Lateral Systems   66   Strong Frame® Special and Ordinary Moment Frames
(Also see the Strong Frame section of this website)
67   Strong-Wall® Shearwalls
(Also see the Strong-Wall section of this website)
68   ATS: The Next Generation Anchor Tiedown System
(Also see the ATS section of this website)
Solid Sawn Lumber Connectors   69   Face Mount Hangers LUC/LU/U/HU/HUC Standard Joist Hangers

HUCQ Heavy Duty Joist Hangers
70   LUS/HUS Double Shear Joist Hangers
Load Table Explanation
71-73   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: Solid Sawn Lumber (DF/SP)
74-76   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: Solid Sawn Lumber (SPF/HF)
77   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: Rough Lumber (DF/SP) & Rough Lumber (SPF)
78   Top Flange Hangers: JB/LB/BA/B/HHB Joist, Beam and Purlin Hangers

HUTF/HUSTF Heavy Duty and Double Shear Joist Hangers
79   Top Flange Hangers: W/WPU/WNP/WM/WMU/HW/HWU/GLT/HGLT
80-82   Top Flange Hangers Load Tables: Solid Sawn Lumber (DF/SP)
Please note that updates have been made to this PDF since the printing of the C-2013 catalog. View the updates here.
LRU Rafter Hanger
84   PF Post Frame Hangers
85   LSU/LSSU Adjustable Light Slopeable/Skewable U Hangers
86   SUR/SUL/HSUR/HSUL Skewed 45° Hangers
87   VPA Variable Pitch Connectors

HCP Hip Corner Plates
88   HRC/HHRC Hip Ridge Connectors
89   THA/THAC/THAR/L Adjustable Truss Hangers
90   HFN/F Panelized Construction Hangers
Glulam Beam Connectors   91   Face Mount Hangers HU/HUC/HUCQ/HGUS Glulam Beam & Double Shear Joist Hangers
92   LGU/MGU/HGU/HHGU High Capacity Girder Hangers
93   Top Flange Hangers HHB/GB/HGB Beam & Purlin Hangers

Top Flange Hangers WM/WMU/WP/WPU/WNP/HW/HWU
94   Top Flange Hangers GLS/HGLS/GLT/HGLT Beam & Glulam Saddle Hangers

Top Flange Hangers LEG/MEG/EG Beam & Glulam Hangers
95   Top Flange Hangers Load Tables: Glulam Beam
96   GLB/HGLB/GLBT Beam Seats
97   HCA Hinge Connectors
Engineered Wood & Structural Composite Lumber Connectors
  98-99   general connector installation:
Top Flange Hangers, Prevent Rotation, Wood Nailers, Toe-Nailing, Positive Angle Nailing, Wood I-Joists
99   CSC Ceiling Support Clip / FSS Furring Stabilizer Strap
100   IUS/MIU I-Joist Hangers
101   Face Mount Hangers: U/HU/HUC/HUCQ I-Joist & Structural Composite Lumber Hangers

Face Mount Hangers: HUS/HHUS/HGUS Double Shear SCL Hangers
102-104   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: I-Joists
105-106   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: Structural Composite Lumber
107   THAI I-Joist & Structural Composite Lumber Hangers

LGU/MGU/HGU/HHGU High Capacity Girder Hangers
108-109   Top Flange Hangers ITS/MIT/HIT Engineered Wood Products Hangers
110   Top Flange Hangers LBV/BA/B/HB I-Joist & Structural Composite Lumber Hangers
111   Top Flange Hangers W/WP/WPU/WM/WMU/HW//HWU I-Joist & SCL Hangers
112   GLTV/HGLTV Heavy Duty Hangers

EGQ High Capacity Hanger
113   MSC Multiple Seat Connector
114-122   Top Flange Hangers Load Tables: I-Joists & SCL
122   RC Ripper Clip
123-124   HRC Hip Ridge Connectors
SUR/SUL/HSUR/HSUL Skewed 45° Hangers for I-Joist and SCL
125   LSU/LSSU/LSSUI Light Slopeable/Skewable U Hangers for I-Joists and SCL
126   VPA Variable Pitch Connector

HCP Hip Corner Plates
127   PAI/MPAI Purlin Anchors
  128-130   SDW Strong-Drive® Structural Wood Screws
Plated Truss Connectors   131   THA/THAC Adjustable Truss Hangers
132   THASR/L Adjustable/Skewable Truss Hangers
133   W/WP/WM Plated Truss Top Flange Hangers
134-135   LUS/MUS/HUS/HHUS/HGUS/HUSC Double Shear Joist Hangers
134-135   Face Mount Hangers Load Tables: Plated Truss Connectors
136-137   HTU Face Mount Truss Hangers

HGUQ Multi-Ply Girder Truss Hangers
138   HHSUQ Heavy Severe Skew Truss Hanger
139   THAR/L422 Skewed Truss Hangers

LTHMA Multiple Truss Hangers
140   THJU Truss Hip/Jack Hanger

TJC37 Jack Truss Connector
141   LTHJA26 Truss Hip/Jack Hangers

THJA26 Truss Hip/Jack Hangers
142   MTHMQ/MTHMQ-2 Multiple Truss Hangers
143   THJM Multiple Truss Hip Jack Hanger

DSC Drag Strut Connector
144-145   THGQ/THGQH/HTHGQ SCL-to-Truss Girder Hangers
146-147   THGBV/THGBHV/THGWV SCL-to-Truss Girder Hangers
148   THGB/THGBH/THGW Truss Girder Hangers
Please note that updates have been made to this PDF since the printing of the C-2013 catalog. View the updates here.
HTHMQ Heavy Multiple Truss Hangers
150   Plated Truss Connectors Alternate Installations

MSCPT Multiple Truss Hangers
151   AHEP Adjustable Hip-End Purlin

TSF Truss Spacer
152   TSBR Truss Spacer-Restraint

TBD22 Diagonal Truss Bracer
153-154   TBE Truss Bearing Enhancers

TC Truss Connectors
155   HTC Heavy Truss Clips

STC/STCT/DTC Roof Truss Clips
156   VTCR Single-Sided Valley Truss Clip
157   GBC Gable Brace Connector
158   CHC Component Hoist Clip
Masonry Connectors   159-160   Titen® Screws

WM/WMI/WMU Hangers
161   HU/HUC/HSUR/L Hangers
162   LGUM/HGUM High Capacity Beam/Girder Hangers for Concrete/Masonry
163   MBHU Masonry Beam Hangers
164-165   MBHA Masonry Hangers

H Seismic & Hurricane Ties / LTA2 Lateral Truss Anchor

166-167   META/HETA/HHETA/HETAL/DETAL/TSS Embedded Truss Anchors and Truss Seat Snap-In

168   MTSM/HTSM Twist Straps

MGT/HGT Girder Tiedowns
169   FGTR/LGT/VGT Retrofit Girder Tiedowns
170-171   CCQM/CCTQM/ECCLQM/ECCLQMD Column Caps for CMU and Concrete Piers
Straps & Ties   172-174   HRS/ST/PS/HST/LSTA/LSTI/MST/MSTA/MSTC/MSTI Strap Ties
174   TS Twist Straps
175   CS/CMST Coiled Straps
176-177   SDWF Structural Wood Screw
178   FSC Floor Span Connector

MSTC48B3/MSTC66B3 Pre-Bent Straps
179   FTA/LFTA Floor Tie Anchors

T and L Strap Ties
180   PCT Purlin Cross Tie

HCSTR Hinge Connector Straps
181-183   H/TSP Seismic & Hurricane Ties
183   VB Knee Braces
184-185   SDWC Structural Wood Screws
186   H Seismic & Hurricane Ties
187   LTS/MTS/HTS Twist Straps

HH Header Hangers
188   LGT/MGT/VGT/HGT Girder Tiedowns
189   DSP/SSP/SP/SPH/RSP4/TSP Stud Plate Ties
190   LTP4/LTP5/A34/A35 Framing Angles & Plates
191   RBC Roof Boundary Clip

A Angles
192   Z Clips

HL Heavy Angles and Gussets

L/LS/GA Reinforcing and Skewable Angles
Decks & Fences   193   DTT2 Deck Post Connectors

DPTZ Deck Post Tie
194-197   SDWS/SDWH Structural Wood Screws
198   LSC Adjustable Stringer Connectors
199   DJT14Z Deck Joist Tie
TA Staircase Angle
ML24/ML26 Angles
200   PGT® Pipe Grip Ties®

PGT2E Pip-Grip Tie
201   FB/FBR Fence Brackets
E-Z Base™/E-Z Mender™/E-Z Spike™ Fence Products
Miscellaneous   202   RR Ridge Rafter Connector

PSCL/PSCA Panel Sheathing Clips

SBV/CF-R Shelf Brackets/Concrete Form Angles

DS Drywall Stop
203   RTC/FWH Rigid Tie™ Connectors

J/JP Floor Beam Levelers
204   NS/NSP/PSPNZ Nail Stoppers

CTS218 Compression and Tension Straps
205   RPS Strap Ties

HSS/SS Stud Shoes
206   NCA/TB/LTB Bridging
207   WB/WBC/TWB/RCWB Wall Bracing
IS Insulation Supports
208   ICFVL Ledger Connector System
209   FC Framing Clips
BT Brick Ties
MP Mending Plates
TP/TPA Tie Plates
Architectural Products Group   210   Architectural Products Group: BP Bearing Plates; Special Order Plates
211   Architectural Products Group: CJT Concealed Joist Ties, OHU Ornamental Joist Hangers
212   Architectural Products Group: Classic Colletions
213   Architectural Products Group: Rustic Collection
214   Architectural Products Group: PBV and CPS Standoff Bases; HL Heavy Angles and Gussets
Hanger Options   215   Hanger Options General Notes
216-217   Hanger Options Matrix
218   Hanger Options: U/HU; WM/WMI/WMU; GH
219   Hanger Options: HTU; HGUS/HHUS; THJU
221   Hanger Options: B/LBV/HB/HHB/GB/HGB
222   Hanger Options: W/WNP/WNPU/WP/WPU/HW/HWU
223   Hanger Options: LEG/MEG/EG; EGQ; HUTF/HUITF
  225   Continuous Load Transfer Path
226-227   Post Capacities
228-232   Literature Reference
(Note: you can view and download all Simpson Strong-Tie literature on this website:
Catalogs & CD-ROMs, Technical Bulletins, Fliers, and more)
233-234   Notes (Blank)
235   No-Equal Pledge; Office Locations
236   Back Cover: No-Equal Pledge, Office Locations

top2014 Addendum to the 2013-2014 Wood Construction Connectors Catalog:      
Download entire addendum, or individual pages below:
Addendum   1-4   Front Cover & Introduction
5   Important Information & General Notes
6-7   Discontinued Products
8-9   Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting: Simpson Strong-Tie Apps
10   PPBZ Porch Post Base
11   BA Top Flange Hanger
12   PFB/PFDB Post Frame Hangers
13   KBS1Z Knee-Brace Stabilizer
14-15   DU/DHU/DHUTF Drywall Hanger
16   HTSQ Twist Strap
17   RTC2Z Rigid Tie™ Connector
18   Strong-Wall® SB Shearwall
19   No-Equal Pledge, Office Locations
20   Back Cover
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