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Seismic Retrofits Now Provide Earthquake Protection Later posted 10/14/14
Seismic Retrofit

Pleasanton, Calif. – In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake on Oct. 17, Simpson Strong-Tie, a leader in earthquake research, testing and structural products that result in safer, stronger homes and buildings, offers a checklist to help residents evaluate if their home is structurally sound and earthquake resistant, and if a seismic retrofit is needed:

  1. Do you live in a moderate or high seismic area?

    You can call your local building department and ask if you live in Seismic Design Category D, E or F. These categories are classifications assigned to homes and buildings with a high to very high seismic risk.
  2. Was your home built before 1985?

    Homes built prior to 1985 are typically more vulnerable to earthquake damage because they were not built to the same building code standards as homes today. Most homes built after 1985 were designed to conform to stricter building codes and are most likely better equipped to resist the force of an earthquake. Generally, homes built in the last 25-30 years should have been constructed with a continuous load path, which is a method of construction that ties your house together from the roof to the foundation using a system of framing materials, metal connectors, fasteners (like nails and screws) and reinforced walls called shearwalls. To confirm your home was built with a continuous load path, you can hire a professional engineer to perform a structural evaluation.
  3. Is your home built on a raised foundation?

    If your house is not built on a concrete slab, chances are it's built on a raised foundation (these homes typically have a crawl space). Raised foundations are typically built with posts, beams and cripple walls. Often times, these cripple walls have not been built to resist seismic forces and can be highly susceptible to structural failure in an earthquake.
  4. Is your home built on a hillside?

    Houses built on a hillside typically have raised foundations and crawl spaces as those described above and can experience similar failures. However, these failures tend to be more severe because the posts and cripple walls supporting the home are built at different heights due to the uneven terrain.
  5. Is there living space above your garage?

    Garages are vulnerable areas in a house due to the large garage door opening. Because of this large opening, the narrow walls on either side of the garage door must be designed to resist earthquake forces. This is extremely important if there is a living space above the garage because these rooms add weight that the garage must support. Current building codes require that these narrow walls be specially designed to resist earthquake forces. Older houses, however, typically were not designed to address this issue and are more vulnerable to damage during an earthquake.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider retrofitting your home. Before starting a seismic retrofit project, it's important to inspect and evaluate the structural integrity of your home. Hiring a professional will help ensure the retrofit is done right. There are seismic improvements that you can do on your own to strengthen your home, however, some cases may require a licensed engineer and contractor.

For more information about protecting your home in an earthquake, download a free Seismic Retrofit Guide at www.strongtie.com/earthquake.

Simpson Strong-Tie opened a research laboratory in 2003 to better understand the effects of earthquakes, high winds and other natural disasters on a home's performance. The lab's state-of-the-art testing equipment can simulate the magnitude of seismic events like the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California, which measured 6.9 on the Richter scale. This ongoing testing and research is being conducted with the sole purpose of improving building design and safety through enhanced product development. Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to helping homeowners understand how to strengthen and protect their homes against the effects of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Simpson Strong-Tie to Showcase New Fasteners and Deck Safety Demo at the Remodeling Show and DeckExpo posted 10/9/14
Deck-Drive Fastener Series

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie will collapse a deck, demonstrate Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems and highlight its new lines of Strong-Drive® structural fasteners and Deck-Drive™ screws at the Remodeling Show and DeckExpo in Baltimore, Oct 22-24, booths 1601 and 1801.

Here are descriptions of some of the Simpson Strong-Tie products and demonstrations that will be showcased:

Deck Collapse Demonstration

Every year, people across the country are seriously injured by unexpected deck failures. Most of these failures are preventable. To help raise awareness about the importance of deck safety and code-compliant construction, Simpson Strong-Tie will demonstrate a live deck collapse both days at 1 p.m. DeckExpo attendees are invited to visit Simpson Strong-Tie booth 1801 to witness the collapse. At the same time, they will learn about the common causes of deck failure and the critical connections in building a safe, code-compliant deck.

Quik Drive Systems Demonstration

Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems help save deck builders time and expense on jobsites every day. The tools are easy to use, durable and come with an extension that enables stand-up-and-drive fastening. Featuring quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment and a patented auto-advance mechanism, they are designed to be fast, reliable and more cost-effective than traditional nail guns. The Quik Drive® PRO300S Decking System comes with a decking nose attachment that centers screws on the joist and in a straight line. Simpson Strong-Tie representatives will be demonstrating the systems at booth 1601 throughout DeckExpo.

Strong-Drive Structural Fasteners

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Drive structural screws provide deck builders with safe, high-strength alternatives to through-bolting and traditional lag screws. The low-profile Strong-Drive® SDWS TIMBER screw requires no pre-drilling and is designed for attaching deck ledgers. It offers higher loads than alternative lag solutions, which means up to 40% fewer screws. The Strong-Drive® SDWH TIMBER-HEX stainless steel screw requires no pre-drilling, offers high loads and is easier to drive than comparable fasteners. It is made of Type 316 stainless steel, providing the highest level of corrosion resistance, and it can be used in ledger applications.

Deck-Drive Premium Fasteners

This new line of premium outdoor wood screws offers superior performance for decking projects. Deck-Drive screws are designed for professional deck builders by offering unique features to speed installation. Whether the project calls for wood decking, premium composite or exotic hardwoods, these fasteners are designed to install faster and cleaner, which results in labor savings for contractors.

For more information about these and other deck products and to download the Deck Connection and Fastening Guide, visit the Deck Center web page at www.strongtie.com/deckcenter.

New Facebook "Power Break" Campaign Features Prize Pack for Construction Industry Professionals posted 10/7/14
Power Break

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, is launching a promotional "Power Break" campaign to encourage construction industry professionals to power through their workday by following the company on Facebook.

To kick off its "Power Break" campaign, Simpson Strong-Tie is sponsoring a sweepstakes promotion on Facebook that features a prize package that includes Bosch tools, the Simpson Strong-Tie Workbench/Shelving Hardware Kit and a coffee break for the winner and 50 coworkers.

The contest is open to anyone in the U.S. who works in the construction industry, including contractors, builders, lumberyard dealers, architects, engineers and building inspectors.

Contest details and the entry form are on the Simpson Strong-Tie Facebook page, www.facebook.com/strongtie. Participants can enter the contest daily until it ends Nov. 14. The prize package is valued at more than $1,800. One winner will be selected after the contest closes.

The Simpson Strong-Tie Facebook page is updated several times a week with the latest company news and industry information. To start following the company on Facebook and to learn more about the "Power Break" campaign, visit www.facebook.com/strongtie.

New Steel Deck Diaphragm Web App makes it Easier for Engineers to Design and Evaluate Fastener Solutions for Shear and Uplift Loads posted 8/19/14
Joist Hanger Selector App

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has a new Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator web app that enables engineers to quickly and efficiently identify the best design and fastener solutions for steel decks given shear and uplift loads.

The app provides diaphragm shear strengths of a steel deck when using Simpson Strong-Tie® screws. It features two calculators – one develops tables of diaphragm capacities based on the effects of combined shear and tension and the other provides optimized fastening solutions for a given shear and uplift.

"With this new web app, engineers now have access to exclusive user-defined tables using Simpson Strong-Tie screws, saving them time," said Galen Longley, Simpson Strong-Tie product manager for fasteners. "They also can find a selection of design solutions for their project using the optimized calculator."

Once an engineer chooses a preferred design solution, the app produces a submittal package that includes fastener information, code reports, Factory Mutual reports, and Appendix VII of Steel Deck Institute's Diaphragm Design Manual, Third Edition (SDI DDM03), with Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners, coating information and tools for installation.

In addition, with the new app, users can:

  • Design for multiple zones
  • Find solutions in either ASD or LRFD
  • Evaluate multiple cost- and labor-optimized solutions with calculations included
  • Select the new Strong-Drive® XL Large-Head Metal Screw as a support fastener option.

The new Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator web app can be accessed at www.strongtie.com/SDDC from any web browser without having to download or install special software.

New Simpson Strong-Tie Web App Makes It Easier and Faster to Find the Right Joist Hanger for Each Project posted 8/5/14
Joist Hanger Selector App

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has just released the Joist Hanger Selector web app. Now, customers can quickly and easily select the most appropriate and cost-effective hanger for their projects based on the type of installation, type and size of lumber and loads.

The easy-to-use interface enables users to quickly select the members and configuration for their desired connection, and print the results. The app is accessible from any web browser and doesn’t require downloading or installing special software.

Simpson Strong-Tie developed the web app after receiving feedback from engineers who appreciated the functionality of its Connector Selector® software, but asked for an easily accessible, web-based version. The new web app offers intuitive input fields and several other features, including:

  • All capacity reductions associated with modifications for allowable load are automatically calculated
  • Users can select several criteria to narrow down the selection, such as member details and fastener type
  • Automatic filtering to remove connectors that don’t meet the user’s load requirements
  • Accurate product nomenclature is included in results to make the ordering process easier
  • Help icons to guide users through the app

To use the Joist Hanger Selector app, visit www.strongtie.com/jhs.

Simpson Strong-Tie Receives David Weekley Homes' Coveted "Partners of Choice" Award for 10th Consecutive Year posted 8/4/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Receives Award

Pleasanton, Calif. – For the 10th year in a row, Simpson Strong-Tie has been honored with the "Partners of Choice" Award by David Weekley Homes, the nation’s largest privately held home builder. Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has again earned an "A" ranking in both quality and service.

The Partners of Choice Award is the result of a rigorous supplier interactive feedback system that recognizes world-class excellence in supply chain management. Simpson Strong-Tie has been part of David Weekley’s world-class evaluation program since its inception in 2003, and is one of only 13 companies this year to achieve the highly sought after double "A" ranking.

Nearly 800 employees at all levels within David Weekley Homes review the company’s approximately 200 trading partners (suppliers) and rate them on both quality and service each quarter. The "National Trading Partner Survey" is a web-based, interactive feedback platform that tracks employee responses to measure how effectively partners are managing the supply chain. Partners are rated on a scale from 1-10. Numeric scores are averaged and an alpha ranking of A through F is assigned in 20 percent increments based on each company's relative standing to others. The award program honors suppliers who earn an "A" in quality, service or both within a 12-month period. The partner's results are shared every quarter to foster ongoing improvement within the program. This takes place through a series of individual and group discussions, mentoring calls and strategy sessions.

"By providing continuous feedback, we challenge our suppliers to be as competitive as possible in quality and service. Simpson Strong-Tie has done it for 10 years. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and we are pleased to once again present the Partners of Choice Award to our friends at Simpson Strong-Tie," said Bill Justus, vice president of supply chain for David Weekley Homes. "This is a testament to Simpson Strong-Tie being a world-class provider. It ranks in the top 6% of all companies we do business with, and that is phenomenal when you consider they have done this for a decade."

Mike Moran, vice president of Simpson Strong-Tie builder programs, said receiving the Partners Choice Award for 10 consecutive years is great validation of the company’s core values. “At Simpson Strong-Tie, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service at all times. And as the rankings in the National Trading Partner Survey become more competitive every year, we are continuously improving to stay in the top tier of companies receiving an 'A' in both service and quality,” he noted. "We are honored to be a chosen supplier of David Weekley Homes and a recipient of this coveted award."

Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame Wins Innovation Award, Featured at PCBC Show posted 6/24/14
Strong Frame® Special Moment Frame

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, will feature its innovative, award-winning Strong Frame® special moment frame during the PCBC tradeshow at Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 25-26.

This product was one of only 16 selected to win a 2014 Parade of Products@PCBC award, which is given by the California Building Industry Association to the top products representing the best in innovation and new product solutions. The special moment frame is now entered in the "People's Choice Award" during the show. PCBC attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite product via social media during two-day show.

The Strong Frame special moment frame is a cutting-edge lateral system solution designed to help prevent structural damage in earthquakes. It features new patented Yield-Link™ structural fuse technology. During a seismic event, the beam-to-column links are engineered to bear the brunt of lateral forces, keeping the structural integrity of the beams and columns intact. With bolt-on/bolt off ability, the links are fully replaceable if damaged, making replacement easier and faster because the beam and columns can remain in the structure during repairs.

Simpson Strong-Tie will be in booth 5719. Informational presentations about the special moment frame will be given on Wednesday, June 25, at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., and on Thursday, June 26, at 11 a.m.

For more information about the Strong Frame special moment frame and other new products from Simpson Strong-Tie, visit booth 5719 at PCBC, or visit the website www.strongtie.com/strongframe.

New Do-It-Yourself Hardware Kit Makes It Easy to Create Professional-Quality, Customized Home Improvement Projects posted 6/5/14

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has a new Workbench/Shelving Unit Hardware Kit (model WBSK) available through home centers, hardware stores and lumberyards for do-it-yourselfers who want to build a heavy-duty workbench, shelving unit or a multitude of other DIY home projects.

The WBSK kit features the new RTC2Z Rigid Tie® connector that connects one 2x2, 2x3 or 2x4 vertical post to two 2x3 (or greater) horizontal lumber, forming a quick and accurate 90-degree corner with no angle cuts or bolts. The RTC2Z's new streamlined design requires 40% fewer fasteners than the previous model, making it easier to build customized home improvement projects.

"This new hardware kit enables do-it-yourselfers to enjoy the satisfaction and pride of building professional-quality projects with the assurance that what they created is sturdy, strong and durable," said Dave Balzhiser, Simpson Strong-Tie vice president of National Accounts. "A key benefit of the connector's design is how easy it makes it for a do-it-yourselfer to use different size lumber to fully customize the dimensions of any project to fit their exact space."

The WBSK Hardware Kit contains eight RTC2Z connectors, Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® SD screws as well as project plans to construct one workbench. Two kits are needed to build a shelving unit. For retailers, RTC2Z projects are ideal for driving collateral sales of lumber, plywood, tools and other accessories. The kit features consumer-friendly packaging and comes with merchandising support.

With the WBSK Hardware Kit and RTC2Z corner connectors, a professional-quality project can be built in a couple of hours. Project ideas and how-to plans are now available on the new Simpson Strong-Tie DIY website, www.diydoneright.com.

Retailers interested in stocking the new WBSK Hardware Kit and RTC2Z connector can contact their local Simpson Strong-Tie sales representative or call (800) 999-5099.

SEAOSC Honors Jeff Ellis with "Engineer of the Year" Award posted 6/5/14

Pleasanton, Calif. – Jeff Ellis, director of Codes & Standards for Simpson Strong-Tie, has been named Engineer of the Year for his outstanding contributions to the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC), the engineering profession and the community. Ellis was honored last night at an awards ceremony by the association.

Ellis works closely with SEAOSC on the annual Buildings At Risk Summit. He helped develop the initial idea and then served as chairman successfully planning and implementing the event in 2011 and 2012, and on the executive committee in 2013 and 2014. The purpose of the summit is to reach out to community members (architects, building officials, policy makers, engineers, insurance companies, building owners, etc.) to inform them of seismic risk and how to mitigate it.

The summit offers information on identifying and strengthening "buildings at risk," which include light-frame weak-story buildings, older residential buildings, non-ductile concrete buildings and unreinforced masonry buildings (URM), as well as discussions on how to best move forward with consideration of past measures, such as education, policies and incentives to motivate action.

"It's a great privilege and honor to receive this award from such an esteemed organization with a history dating back to 1929 and comprised of very talented and passionate engineers who are true leaders in our industry," Ellis said. "Additionally, I'm thankful for being part of the great team at Simpson Strong-Tie where we focus on finding the best solutions and serving our customers and the industry in many ways."

Solar Decathlon Europe Team Builds Multifamily Building with Simpson Strong-Tie® Fasteners posted 6/3/14

Pleasanton, Calif. – Solar Decathlon Europe, a complementary international competition to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, is being held June 28-July 14, 2014, in Versailles, France. Simpson Strong-Tie worked closely with Team Réciprocité, a partnership between Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, and Université d'Angers in Angers, France, to help students build Maison Reciprocity, a solar-powered, sustainable multifamily housing building consisting of six modular units.

The structure was built using primarily screws versus nails to provide superior holding performance. Wall framing and sheathing were installed using Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik-Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems. Foam insulation was fastened to the structure using Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber screws. Exterior decking and siding were installed using Deck-Drive™ DWP Wood SS screws, and Strong-Drive® SDW EWP-Ply screws were used to assemble the LVL floor system. Many of the screws were left exposed throughout the building to create a modern look and to "celebrate the connection."

Ninety-five percent of the fasteners and 100% of the hangers in the building are Simpson Strong-Tie products. The Simpson Strong-Tie McKinney, Texas, facility donated products as well as provided engineering support, fastener testing, product installation training and technical guidance to be a Gigawatt Level ($50,000) sponsor of the project.

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 challenges collegiate teams from all over the world to design, build, and operate cost effective, energy-efficient and attractive solar-powered houses. For more information about the Maison Reciprocity project visit http://reciprocity2014.com.

Cold-Formed Steel Structural Building Products Now Included in Software Database Geared Toward Drywall Contractors posted 5/28/14

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has partnered with On-Center Software to create a database that makes hundreds of structural building products immediately available for drywall contractors as they estimate their job bids.

On Center Software's Quick Bid® solution is the most widely used estimating software in the cold-formed steel (CFS) industry. Drywall contractors use the program to create a bill of materials for jobs they are bidding, which is then sent to their distributors for job quotes.

"Now that the Simpson Strong-Tie database is available, contractors will have a quick and easy method to incorporate our CFS connector, fastener and anchor products into their projects for job quotes," said Randy Daudet, Cold-Formed Steel Industry manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. "Drywall contractors have been asking for a database like this, so we are especially pleased to work with On-Center Software to deliver products and services that enable our customers to work at peak efficiency."

On-Center Software's Quick Bid solution enables contractors to easily, accurately and consistently increase project win rates and profit margins. It also improves ramp up time and bottom line profits, eliminates discrepancies, provides material quotes and reports, identifies and analyzes risk factors, and measures and analyzes project progress.

The new Simpson Strong-Tie product database is available through On-Center Software at www.strongtie.com/quickbid. For more information about Simpson Strong-Tie CFS solutions, visit www.strongtie.com/products/cfs.

Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces New Naming and Product Series to Simplify Fastener Selection posted 5/21/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Factory

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie introduces a new series of premium deck screws called Deck-Drive™ Fasteners and has devised a new naming structure for its Strong-Drive® Structural Fasteners and Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Fastening Systems to make it easier for customers to identify the right fastener for the job.

"We listened to customers' feedback and worked diligently to make it easier to find our products by application. At the same time, we decided to organize all of our premium fastening solutions into three distinct series," said Ed Sutt, Simpson Strong-Tie vice president of Fastening Systems.

The three series of Performance Driven™ fastening solutions are:

  • Strong-Drive™ Structural Fasteners
    These load-tested structural fasteners are engineered to efficiently meet the most demanding wood and metal applications. The series now includes structural metal screws, connector nails, and subfloor screws. "The Strong-Drive series is the go-to choice for contractors and engineers when a fastener is needed in a structural situation. They know Simpson Strong-Tie does extensive testing and quality control to verify the performance of the fasteners," Sutt said.
  • Deck-Drive™ Premium Fasteners
    This new line of premium outdoor wood screws offers superior performance for decking projects. Deck-Drive™ screws are designed for professional deck builders with unique features to speed installation. Whether the project calls for wood decking, premium composite or exotic hardwoods, these fasteners are designed to install faster and cleaner, which results in labor savings to the contractor.
  • Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems
    Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems are the fastest fastening systems on the market, ensuring maximum time savings during repetitive fastening applications. Instead of installing individual screws or other more complicated fastening options, Quik Drive Systems enable customers to work faster and in most cases from an ergonomic standing position.

For the highest level of corrosion resistance, Simpson Strong-Tie offers one of the largest selections of stainless-steel screws, nails and staples, including many Strong-Drive and Deck-Drive fasteners. Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners and Quik Drive Systems are featured in the new 2014 Fastening Systems Catalog. All product naming has been updated to make it easier for customers to find the products they need. In addition, the catalog features a robust technical information section with clear load tables and installation information to help engineers specify and if needed, substitute products.

The 2014 Fastening Systems Catalog (C-F-14) can be ordered by mail or downloaded from the Simpson Strong-Tie website at www.strongtie.com/literature.

New Post Base Simplifies Installation When Pouring Porch Slabs posted 5/20/14
Simpson Strong-Tie Factory

Pleasanton, Calif. – Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has a new PPBZ porch post base that eliminates the need for temporary vertical support of the porch roof structure while still providing adequate safety to enable full access for installers and inspectors.

Unlike other porch post bases, the PPBZ is installed once and supports permanent porch framing throughout all stages of construction. The porch post base is fastened to the footing with two Simpson Strong-Tie® Titen® screws when framing the porch roof. The concrete contractor can then complete the last phase of the porch slab without the interference of temporary vertical support. Designed to withstand vertical construction loads prior to embedment in concrete, the PPBZ will support the weight of most framed porches and overhangs.

Key product features include:

  • Stiffened embedded side stirrups provide temporary vertical download support without being embedded into concrete
  • 1" stand-off reduces the potential for decay at post or column ends and satisfies IRC requirements for protection of wood columns
  • Two available sizes for both 4" and 6" slab thicknesses, and it may be ordered for all thicknesses in between
  • Help minimize disruptions to jobsite scheduling
  • Eliminates additional move-ins by trades and certain inspection callbacks
  • ZMAX® coated for added corrosion resistance

To learn more about the PPBZ porch post base, visit www.strongtie.com/newproducts.

Simpson Strong-Tie to Donate $10,000 to Support Tornado Relief Efforts in the South and Midwest posted 5/5/14

Pleasanton, Calif. – In the wake of devastating tornados and storms that recently swept through several states in the South and Midwest, Simpson Strong-Tie announced it will make a $10,000 donation to assist in the relief response and recovery efforts as these areas continue to weather storms.

The donation will be given to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and will aid in providing food, shelter, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by the tornados and storms in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee and other states. The company will also match employees' personal contributions to the Red Cross and is waiving its usual $1,000 individual cap on matching donations.

"Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the communities who continue to be affected by another harsh tornado season," said Simpson Strong-Tie President Terry Kingsfather. "We hope our support can help everyone endure and begin recovery efforts."

To make a contribution and aid in the tornado recovery efforts through the American Red Cross, visit www.redcross.org, text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Disaster Relief Fund, or send a donation to your local Red Cross chapter.

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