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GT2Z/GT6Z/GTFZ Gazebo Connectors

GT2Z: Connects 2x rafter and top plate to post in six-sided gazebo. Adds strength and rigidity to 3-way connection.

GT2 Installation: 12 each 10dx1 1/2" nails (galvanized).

GT6Z: Connects six 2x rafters at top of six-sided gazebo.

GT6 Installation: Use two GT6Z connectors with one above and one below rafters. Use 18 each 10x1½" nails or 18 each #8x1¼ screws (galvanized).

GTFZ: Connects bottom 2x rim joists to post in six-sided gazebo. Allows installation over post base for adjustable height of rim joists.

GTF Installation:

  • Post: 10-16d nails.
  • Rail: 10-10dx1 1/2" nails (galvanized)

Material: 16 gauge

Finish: ZMAX® only

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Gazebo connectors make six-sided gazebo construction easier, safer, and stronger.

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GT2Z GT2Z front view: DWG | DXF
GT2Z right view: DWG | DXF
GT2Z top view: DWG | DXF
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GT6Z GT6Z front view: DWG | DXF
GT6Z top view: DWG | DXF
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GTFZ GTFZ top view: DWG | DXF
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