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Architectural Products Group: Visible Means of Support

As with all of Simpson Strong-Tie products, our Architectural Products Group offers much more than what's in the box. We believe the value-added extras are what make the difference for our customers. Here are just a few of the outside-the-box advantages of our new architectural grade connectors.

Nationwide Availability

The prefinished products in our Architectural Products Group are in-stock or readily available nationwide. Their availability, and dependable consistent quality minimize fabrication and ordering lead times.

Testing and Load-Rating

Unlike shop-fabricated connectors, the hardware in our Architectural Products Group consists of high-quality, pre-engineered and tested connectors. Most products are load-rated to ensure dependability.


The connectors in our Architectural Products Group are available with textured powder-coated flat black paint, gray paint, hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel finishes.

Code Information

Product code listings are available in Simpson Strong-Tie catalogs or by contacting us directly. If code listings are not available, Simpson can supply complete test data to support our published loads. Call 1.800.925.5099.

Custom Plates

Simpson expertise enhances your design options. We can build a variety of custom flat or bent ornamental shapes to your specifications, including plates for heavy timber trusses and other architectural designs.

Technical and Field Support

Our engineers will gladly answer installation questions and provide information about code requirements and wind-resistant/seismic construction. Field support is also available on-site to help ensure proper installation.

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