ATS: Strong-Rod Threaded Rod

Naming Scheme:

Strong-Rod™ threaded rods are the tension transfer element within the ATS. The Strong-Rod threaded rod is threaded on both ends, with the top end having 48" of thread to allow for installation flexibility. Information clearly etched on the shank allows easy identification in the field.


Standard (Model SR_) – min Fu = 58,000 psi, min Fy = 43,000 psi

High strength (Model SR_H) – min Fu = 120,000 psi, min Fy = 92,000 psi

Finish: None


topStrong-Rod Technical Data:

Strong-Rod™ Threaded
Rod Installation
product data
  1. Allowable tension capacities are based on AISC 13 Ed.
  2. No further steel stress increase allowed.

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