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See Hanger Options General Notes.

Concealed Flange:


top Gallery:
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Typical MGU Installation with Right Flange Concealed Typical Concealed Flange HGUM Installation at End of Wall

Typical Concealed Flange HGUM Right Installation at Outside Corner

  Typical Skewed MGU Installation
(Skewed left shown)

Typical Concealed Flange HGUM Installation at Outside Corner
(Concealed right shown)

  Top View HGUM Skewed Right Bevel Cut   Top View LGUM Skewed Right Square Cut    

top Concealed Flange – Allowable Loads with One Flange Concealed:

top LGUM/HGUM Allowable Loads for Skewed (L/R) Applications:

top Complete product information:

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