EB-TY®: Hidden Deck Fastening System

The EB-TY provides a unique method of fastening deck boards that makes the fasteners virtually invisible. Fastening is done into the side of the board, leaving a fastener-free deck surface.

The EB-TY is a polypropylene biscuit fastener that fits into a slot the builder cuts into the edge of the deck boards with a standard biscuit joiner. The EB-TY fasteners are inserted and fastened with a screw driven into the joist. Nesting each successive board against the EB-TY automatically ensures consistent spacing and uniform height.

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to select the correct EB-TY for the job.


For complete installation information, see the technical bulletin EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fastening Systems: Installation Instructions (T-F-EBTYINSTL14)
Construction adhesive is not recommended when installing composite deck boards as some adhesives will have an adverse reaction upon contact with certain plastics.

If you have questions about which EB-TY to use, contact Simpson Strong-Tie.

Installation Process
  1. Fasten the first board using construction adhesive and screws, then cut slots where the board intersects joists using a 5/32" router bit or plate joiner (biscuit cutter #20) and install the first EB-TY fasteners. Do not use construction adhesive with composite decking (see note on the right).
  2. Cut slots in the next board where it intersects the joists.
  3. Apply a bead of construction adhesive to the top of each joist and install the new board so that the slots fit over the EB-TY fasteners installed in the first board.
  4. Insert EB-TY fasteners into each slot in the exposed edge of the board and fasten with screws.
  5. Repeat the process until all boards are installed.

Refer to the installation instructions (included) for more information. Consult composite decking manufacturer's or wood supplier's installation instructions for deck height requirements and deck board spacing.

Pre-grooving the entire length of the deck board is a time-saving alternative to individual grooves made with a router or plate joiner. Some types of composite lumber are available with grooves as an added feature. Have your lumber yard use the schematic on the right to pregroove boards to accept EB-TY fasteners.

*For model numbers TP015 and 316TT screws are to be driven at a 90° angle to the board face.


Bring the schematic below to your lumber yard. They will use it to pre-groove your decking material to accept EB-TY fasteners.

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