Girder/Truss to Masonry/Concrete

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Additional Corrosion Protection

These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

These products are approved for installation with the Strong-Drive® SD structural-connector screw. See the correct substitution and SD screw size.
H10S, LTA1, H16, H16-2, FSC, LGT2, THA222-2, VGT L/R, PA28, HDU2-SDS2.5, LGT3-SDS2.5, LGT4-SDS3, HTT4, MGT, HTT22, HTT5, HDU4-SDS2.5, VGT, FGTR, HPA35, HDU5-SDS2.5, HDQ8-SDS3, HGT-4, HGT-3, HGT-2
  1. Holdown load values are based on a 3" thick vertical member. See HDU, HDQ, and HTT series holdowns (in the current Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors catalog) for load values based on different wood thickness. Wood member design by Specifier.
  2. The Designer must specify anchor type, length and embedment.
  3. The Designer must evaluate multiple installations not listed.
  4. ATR—All-Thread Rod or Anchor Bolt.
  5. PA28 and HPA35 must be embedded in center of a concrete tie beam (minimum width = 7 5/8").
  6. Multiple HDUs and HTTs must be installed staggered on truss.
  7. For concrete applications use 1/4"x1 3/4" Titen® screws.
  8. To achieve the published loads, the FGTR must be attached to a grouted and reinforced block concrete wall designed by others to transfer the uplift loads to the foundation.
  9. FGTR is packaged with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® screws (SDS) and Titen HD® anchors.
  10. Screw holes on FGTR and VGT are configured to allow for a double installation on a two ply truss.
  11. To achieve the loads listed for the MGT, HGT and VGT single and double connector options, anchor into a 8" wide concrete tie-beam or grouted and reinforced CMU tie-beam can be made using Simpson Strong-Tie® SET® epoxy anchoring adhesive with a minimum embedment depth of 12", a minimum end distance of 12" and centered in the 8" member. Vertical reinforcement may be required to transfer the loads per Designer.
  12. H16-2 factory sloped to 5:12, but 3:12 - 7:12 roof slope is acceptable.
  13. LTA2 uplift is 1210 Ibs. for DF.
  14. THDRC listed for use with 8" concrete tie beam, 1 3/4" edge, 8" end distance, uncracked concrete with no supplementary reinforcement and 2500 psi concrete minimum. Designer shall specify adhesive anchor for CMU bond beam.

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