Truss/Rafter to Wood Double Top Plates

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topLoad Table:

Additional Corrosion Protection

These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

These products may be available in stainless steel for premium corrosion resistance. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for availability.
These products are approved for installation with the Strong-Drive® SD structural-connector screw. See the correct substitution and SD screw size.
H2.5T, H2.5ASS, H5, H5, H2.5A, H2.5T, H1, H2.5A, HGA10KT, LTS12, TSP, H8, H10-2, H2.5T, TSP9, H5, H5, H2.5A, H10ASS, MTS12, H2.5T, H1, H2.5A, H10A-2, H10A, LTS12, HTS20, H14, H16S, H16
  1. See connections to single top plates.
  2. Douglas Fir allowable uplift loads for H14 = 1350 lbs. (160) and H10A = 1140 lbs. (160).
  3. H16/H16-2 factory sloped to 5:12, but 3:12 - 7:12 roof slope is acceptable.
  4. Hurricane ties are shown installed on the outside of the wall for clarity and assume a minimum overhang of 3 1/2" installation on the inside of the wall is acceptable. For uplift Continuous Load Path, connections in the same area (i.e., truss to plate connector and plate to stud connector) must be on same side of the wall.
  5. When installing MTS and HTS connectors, the following installation instructions are required for the lateral loads to apply. The first 7 nail holes after the bend area must be filled with 10dx1 1/2" nails. This applies to straps on either side of bend area. All additional fasteners may be installed in any remaining strap holes.
  6. Refer to installation details of two connectors on a single truss.
  7. Allowable loads in the F1 direction are not intended to replace diaphragm boundary members or prevent cross grain bending of the truss or rafter members.
  8. For simultaneous loads in more than one direction, the connector must be evaluated as described in Note 6 under General Notes.
  9. If installed on outside of wall TSP must be installed to either a min. 2x6 top chord/rafter, or 2x4 at 9:12 pitch.

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