Quik Drive BGP300 Metal-Roofing/Siding System
Fasten Metal Roofing and Siding

The BGP300 does not include a screwdriver motor.

  • Patented belt collation enables auto-feed fastening of screws with EPDM-backed washers (U.S. Patent 6,783,001)
  • Profile guide on nosepiece ensures uniform screw placement
  • The extension enables stand-up fastening on roofs
  • Depth control prevents over-driving
  • Designed to eliminate skipped screws, reducing screw waste (patent pending)
  • Easy loading keeps work moving
  • Screws available in 10 colors to match popular roofing-panel colors
  • Exposed-fastener metal roofing to wood
  • Metal siding to wood
 Options Model Number
   Mandrel for 1/4" Lobular Hex-Head Bit BPHXLBBGP14G2
   Bit – 1/4" Lobular Hex-Head Driver Bit BITHEXLB14
Adjusting Arm/BGP300G2
(Profile Guide NOT Included)
   Flat Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE11
   1/2"H X 2 2/3"W Corrugated Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE22
   7/8"H X 2 3/8"W Corrugated Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE23
   AG Panel 3/4" Rib Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE32
   J Rib / 4-Rib Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE33
   5V Profile Guide PPROFILEGUIDE5V

 Drive These Collated Screws
  HG Metal Roofing/Siding Panel Screw
HJ Metal Roofing/Siding Panel Screw

profile Quik Drive profile guides match the panel-ridge profiles with "feet" that rest on the flat portion of the panel. This contributes to centering the screw on the ridge for a more uniform, aesthetic look and a better fastener seal every time.
profile guides PPROFILEGUIDE11
profile guides PPROFILEGUIDE32

profile guides PPROFILEGUIDE22
profile guides PPROFILEGUIDE5V

Individual profile guides fit flat profile of cladding sheets, corrugated-profile metal roofing sheets, and ribbed/square profile of square-ridge metal roofing sheets.

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