Quik Drive PROPP150 Metal Roofing System
Fasten Metal-Roofing Clips and Steel Decking/Stitching

  • Innovative Precision Placement™ nosepiece allows for easy location of the holes in standing seam metal roofing clips
  • Also safely and efficiently performs steel deck fastening and stitching
  • Auto-feed mechanism provides hands-free screw advancement, eliminating handling of individual screws, cutting installation time in half
  • Collated fastener strips virtually eliminate fastener waste and prevent damage to roof panels from dropped fasteners.
  • Screws available in 4 head styles with 2 levels of corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for panel clips up to 2 1/2" tall
  • Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension, 1 year limited warranty on screwdriver motors (see specific manufacturer's warranty for more information).
  • PROPP150 Metal Roofing Attachment also available alone
  • Panel clips for standing-seam roofing (suitable for panel clips up to 2 1/2" tall)
  • Steel decking to structural steel members and stitching of steel panels at the edges ("side lap" stitching)
  • Panel flanges for snap-and-seam roofing
 Options Model Number
   Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor PROPP150G2M25K
   Makita® 2500 rpm adjustable torque screwdriver motor PROPP150G2MATK
   Makita® 2500 rpm impact driver PROPP150GMI18K

Screwdriver motors and RPM recommendations per application

Includes mandrels for driving recessed and 5/16 hex bits.

 Drive These Collated Screws
  PC Standing-Seam-Roofing Panel Clip Screw
PCSD Standing-Seam Roofing Panel Clip Screw
PCULP Standing-Seam-Roofing Panel Clip Screw
  Self-Drilling X Metal Screw

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