Quik Drive QDPROHX516G2 Attachment
Fasten Cold-Formed Steel Framing and Steel Decking

  • Cold-formed steel framing
  • Steel decking to structural steel members
 Options Model Number
 Attachment Only QDPROHX516G2
 In PROHX516 Systems with:
   Makita® 2500 rpm screwdriver motor PROHX516M25K
   Makita 2500 rpm adjustable torque screwdriver motor PROHX516MATK
 Replacement attachment mandrel BPHX516G2

Screwdriver motors and RPM recommendations per application

For applications where maximum torque is preferred, see the Hitachi® screwdriver motor HIW8VB2 (sold separately).

 Drive These Collated Screws
  Self-Drilling X Metal Screw

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