Wall Bracing

Strong-Wall® shearwalls are alternatives to the wider, braced walls required by the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) model building codes. Utilized as alternate means of meeting the intent of these codes, Strong-Wall shearwalls are narrower, code-listed walls that help Designers avoid the need for wider, site-built walls and/or engineered solutions.


Strong-Wall® Shearwalls Prescriptive Design Guide

This design guide was developed to provide equivalent wall-bracing solutions based on the wall-bracing requirements of the International Residential CodeŽ (IRC) and the Conventional Light-Frame Construction section 2308 of the International Building CodeŽ (IBC).

Wall-Bracing-Length Calculator
The wall-bracing provisions in the 2009 IRC and 2012 IRC have been revised significantly from previous versions of the code. To determine the amount of bracing required in any given wall line you have had to complete a series of difficult and time-consuming calculations. Now, Simpson Strong-Tie has simplified this process by developing a tool that does these calculations for you.

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