Wood Strong-Wall® Anchorage Solutions

PAB Anchor Bolts:  

PAB7 anchor bolts were developed to provide anchorage solutions for Wood Strong-Wall® shearwalls in accordance with the provisions of ACI 318-11. This code listed anchor bolt is easy to inspect; the head is stamped with a “No Equal” symbol for identification, bolt length and bolt diameter. Available in four lengths, the PAB7 provides a range of embedment options for seismic or wind solutions in cracked or uncracked concrete conditions.

Material: ASTM F1554 Gr. 36

PAB7-18 18 11 1/2
PAB7-24 24 17 1/2
PAB7-30 30 23 1/2
PAB7-36 36 29 1/2

PAB7 Anchor Bolt

Section at Slab on Grade

Section at Curb or Stemwall

H = 13 1/2" maximum with PAB7-30 anchor bolt when de = 10".
H = 19 1/2" maximum with PAB7-36 anchor bolt when de = 10".

Section at Interior Foundation

Foundation Plan


Foundation Dimensions for Anchorage Solutions1:

  1. Anchorage designs conform to ACI 318 Appendix D and assume minimum f' c = 2500 psi concrete, ASTM A307 or ASTM F1554, Grade 36 anchor rods and no supplementary reinforcement. High-strength anchorage design by Designer when required.
  2. Seismic indicates Seismic Design Category C through F. Detached 1 and 2 family dwellings in SDC C may use wind anchorage solutions. Seismic anchorage designs conform to ACI 318-05 Section D.3.3.4.
  3. Wind includes Seismic Design Category A and B.
  4. Foundation dimensions are for anchorage only. Foundation design (size and reinforcement) by Designer. The Registered Design Professional may specify alternate embedment, footing size or anchor bolt.

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