Wood Strong-Wall®: Raised-Floor Walls

Raised-floor (-RF) walls are designed and tested for installation on top of raised wood floor systems. All second-story applications must use the raised-floor models. Raised-floor walls are compatible with both solid-sawn lumber and I-joist floor systems. Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® screws (SDS) pre-installed in both the top and bottom of the wall allow for fast installation to the top plate and floor framing elements.

Raised-floor walls are code listed for use on the second floor of wood light-frame construction. Simpson Strong-Tie recommends the Simpson Strong-Tie® Takeup Device, (SW-TUD1KT), be used at the 2nd floor to compensate for wood shrinkage and settlement due to dead load.

First-story walls of a two-story application may be either standard or raised-floor walls.

See installation information.


First-Story Application
Foundation Design
(size and reinforcement) by Designer
Top Wall of Two-Story Stacked Installation

STANDARD WALL: Bottom Wall of Two-Story Stacked Installation

  1. High-strength 7/8" diameter anchorage may be required for two-story applications when anchorage uplift force exceeds 13,000 lbs.
  2. All-thread rod not supplied with raised-floor walls. Minimum ASTM A36 required. Designer must specify if high-strength all-thread rod is required, depending on load.

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