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Production Lead - Fabrication (Swing Shift)

Stockton, CA

Position Summary

The Production Lead ensures Fabrication department operators and welders work safely and manufacture high quality products.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

% Time Job Responsibilities
60% Assign work to operators and welders and ensure orders are completed according to production drawings, production schedules, quality standards and work instructions. Perform hourly product visual inspections for each order assigned. Aid operators in completing work efficiently by facilitating set-ups and change-overs, removing finished product and other items from the work area, retrieving labels, and other related tasks requiring a forklift or prolonged periods away from the machine or work area.
20% Train press operators on equipment and processes used in the department. Continuously pursue opportunities to improve current manufacturing processes in collaboration with production supervisory team, operators and welders. Lead Gemba meetings with management and associates.
10% Configure machines and equipment and prepare production rungs in conjunction with machine setup individual. Troubleshoot machine problems during production runs.
10% Maintain department inventory, ensure its accuracy and participate in regular inventory checks.

Education & Certification Requirements

Required or Preferred Degree or Certification
Required High school diploma
Preferred A.A. degree
Required Simpson Strong-Tie Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Certification (will certify at hire)


Years Type of Experience
2 Years Proven experience in fast-paced, high volume and high demand working environment where multi-tasking was required while leading people.
2 Years Related work experience ensuring others complete work timely and in a safe manner, while maintaining positive relationships.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

Skill Knowledge or Ability Explanation
Manufacturing process knowledge Demonstrates a basic knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacturing and distribution of goods. Able to read and understand a part print and translate it to a physical finished good.
Safety Able to consistently prioritize safety by demonstrating a safe work practices by promoting a safe work environment.
Leadership Able to adapt leadership style to a variety of situations.
Communication skills Speaks in the most effective way to relay information. Listens and asks questions to ensure understanding.
Self-management skills Uses time efficiently to complete tasks.
Ability to work independently Follows both written and oral instructions, including safety guidelines, work instructions, and company policies.
Quality standards knowledge Demonstrates an understanding of quality standards and quality control processes.
Equipment and tools Able to operate a forklift. Demonstrates knowledge of machines and tools, including their design, uses, repair, and maintenance. Able to read a tape measure to within 1/32” as well as read a micrometer, caliper and use pin gauges to check part quality.
Computer Able to operate a computer, ERP systems and basic applications such as Word and Outlook.
Customer service skills Applies customer service principles and processes on the job and with others.
Ability to work overtime Able to work overtime as dictated by business demand.

This full-time, non-exempt position is located in 5151 S. Airport Way in Stockton, California.

Relocation will not be considered for this position.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to stocktoncareers@strongtie.com

Job posted: 4/3/2018

Please Note: All job offers are contingent upon a successful background investigation and drug test.

In keeping with the Company's commitment to the communities in which it does business, we are an equal opportunity employer.