Our Charitable Giving Philosophy

Simpson Strong-Tie is committed to giving back to our communities through supporting the construction of safe and affordable housing, establishing and maintaining partnerships with organizations that align with our mission and values, maintaining our focus on our giving priorities, and providing charitable giving aid through monetary and product donations, technical expertise and collaboration, and employee volunteering.

Purpose of Our Charitable Giving Guidelines

Simpson Strong-Tie receives numerous requests for cash and product donations, sponsorships, and other charitable giving assistance from non-profit organizations and individuals. We created these guidelines to provide anyone requesting backing from us an understanding of what we support at an overall company level. These guidelines also provide a framework for Simpson Strong-Tie to evaluate charitable giving requests or partnerships and programs the company may want to support.

Simpson Strong-Tie provides monetary and product support, technical expertise, and training for construction-related initiatives. 

Our Charitable Giving Priorities

The company has identified four key areas to focus our overall charitable giving efforts. These four key areas guide our evaluation of organizations and programs the company will support at the companywide level. In addition, local Simpson Strong-Tie facilities may aid a variety of causes that align with local community needs and/or the facility’s charitable giving priorities and interests.

Non-profit Organization Criteria

Simpson Strong-Tie maintains specific criteria when evaluating support for an organization, project or program at the companywide level.

To be eligible, non-profit organizations must:

  • Hold IRS 501(c)(3) status or qualification to accept charitable gifts as defined in 110.1 (1)(a) of the Income Tax Act of Canada.
  • Be doing work in at least one of our charitable giving focus areas: Home Building and Repair, Disaster Relief, Disaster Preparedness & Resilience, or Construction Trades Education.
  • Meet the requirements of the U.S. Patriot Act. (U.S. organizations only – Ensures contributions are not knowingly or unknowingly contributing to a terrorist group)
  • Be willing to engage in promoting Simpson Strong-Tie support to the media, the company’s customers, and the general public. Promotion may include non-profit staff providing quotes for use in press releases, interviews with members of the media, and participation in case studies, videos or digital or print pieces, among others. Promotion may also involve those served by the non-profit organization, as appropriate or permitted.
  • Not be religious organizations which advocate for or advance specific religious views, or require beneficiaries to participate in religious programs, including church services. 
  • Organizations outside the United States (U.S.) must provide information and documents to determine whether the organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity.

These guidelines may not address every scenario. If you have questions about our Charitable Giving Guidelines, contact Desirée Aquino, Senior Manager, Internal Communications & Community Relations, at daquino@strongtie.com or (925) 560-9074 with questions.