Our Company

Simpson Strong-Tie is the world leader in structural solutions — products and technology that help people design and build safer, stronger homes, buildings, and communities. As a pioneer in the building industry, we have an unmatched passion for problem solving through skillful engineering and thoughtful innovation. Our structural systems research and rigorous testing enable us to design code-listed, value-engineered solutions for a multitude of applications in wood, steel, and concrete structures. Our dedication to pursuing ever-better construction products and technology and to surrounding our customers with exceptional service and support has been core to our mission since 1956.

Who We Are and What We Do

Our mission is driven by our people and values-based culture. Company founder, Barclay (“Barc”) Simpson, established these values with his Nine Principles of Business. From “Relentless Customer Focus” and “Risk-Taking Innovation” to “Give Back,” “Everybody Matters” and “Be Humble, Have Fun,” our values guide behavior and decision-making throughout the company, helping to ensure that everyone is included and treated with respect.

The company started with the simple desire to solve a problem. In the summer of 1956, the brother of a neighbor asked Barc if he could make a product to connect the ends of 2x4s for a roof. That request led to our first innovation, a joist hanger. Ever since, our passion to serve customers by delivering total, trusted solutions has defined and set us apart in the construction industry.

Our team continues to develop innovative solutions for construction, supporting residential, commercial, national retail, original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and building technology segments of the industry. We started by designing and manufacturing wood connectors, such as hangers, holdowns and hurricane ties for single- and multi-family construction. Today, our product offering extends into mid-rise office buildings, infrastructure, institutional and remodeling markets and includes fasteners and fastening systems, mechanical and adhesive anchors, shearwalls, moment frames, continuous rod assemblies and other systems for resisting lateral forces. We also have solutions for cold-formed steel, structural steel, and mass timber applications, as well as carbon- and glass-fiber polymers for the repair, protection and strengthening of concrete, masonry and asphalt.

To complement a full suite of customer solutions, we provide software to help structural engineers and architects, contractors, truss manufacturers, production homebuilders, lumber and building material dealers, national retailers, and DIY homeowners. A wide range of software applications make it easier to design, estimate and order supplies for their specific design and building code requirements.

Whatever the structural material or application, our high standards for quality and testing have enabled us to design code-listed solutions that deliver maximum value to the customer. At the same time, our innovations help to move the entire construction industry forward.

It All Starts with People

As Barc said, “Great companies are built with great people. They make the company the kind of place where … they want to stay … and help build it.”

Without a doubt, people are the reason why Simpson Strong-Tie has been so successful. Our people embody the core values that shape our company culture. We are passionate, innovative, honest and helpful. We challenge the status quo, use good judgment — and do what’s right. We listen to customers with genuine care and attention to their needs, so we can provide the most trusted and reliable products, services and solutions in our industry.

Shaping the Future

Looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in the construction industry, the people of Simpson Strong-Tie stand on a solid foundation — our mission, vision and values. We remain optimistic and committed to helping people design and build safer, stronger structures. Customers will continue to be our central focus, honoring the legacy of innovation and service that drives Simpson Strong-Tie to lead the way in structural engineering solutions.