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Outdoor Accents® Connector Screw 

Outdoor Accents® Connector Screw

Outdoor Accents® Accessories

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The Outdoor Accents connector screw reduces installation time by driving easily without predrilling. Designed for installation with the Outdoor Accents APA21 90° angle, the screw’s black finish accents any outdoor living project. The sharp point of the screw enables fast starts, and the patented serrated threads reduce torque for improved drivability.

Key Features

  • Use with Outdoor Accents Decorative Hardware (sold separately) for an appealing look
  • 1/4" hex head reduces cam-out for easier installation and helps avoid stripping of the head during installation (1/4" hex drive included)
  • Optimized heat treating for ductility and strength
  • The single-fastener steel-side-plate allowable load of the SD10 exceeds the shear load of a 16d common nail


  • Heat-treated carbon steel


  • Double-barrier black proprietary coating

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Coating/Material Screw Size Length (in.) Drive Type Head Type Thread Length Point Type Color Packaging Qty. UPC
SD10112DBBR50 Double-Barrier Coating #10 1 1/2 1/4 in. Hex Hex Head 1 Sharp Point Black 50 707392712350

Product Information Tables

Black Double-Barrier Coating
Size Length (in.) Retail Pack Quantity Master Carton Quantity Model No.
#10 1 1/2 50 5 SD10112DBBR50

Load Tables

Outdoor Accents Connector Screw

  1. Withdrawal loads and steel-side-plate shear loads are based on testing per AC233.
  2. Allowable loads are shown at the wood load duration factor of CD = 1.00. Loads may be increased for load duration per the building code up to a CD = 1.60.
  3. Withdrawal loads in lb./in. of thread penetration into the side grain of the main member.

Code Reports

Part IAPMO UES ER ICC-ES ESR City of Los Angeles State of Florida
SD10112DBB ESR-3046 FL9589


Part Orthographic Perspective
SD10112 Bottom View
SD10112 Front View
SD10112 Left View
SD10112 Right View
SD10112 Top View
SD10112DBB Perspective View