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Heli-Tie™ Helical Wall Tie


The Heli-Tie is a stainless-steel helical tie used to anchor building façades to structural members or to stabilize multiple-wythe brick walls.

The helical design allows the tie to be driven quickly and easily into a predrilled pilot hole (or embedded into mortar joints in new construction) to provide a mechanical connection between a masonry façade and its backup material or between multiple wythes of brick. As it is driven, the fins of the tie undercut the masonry to provide an expansion-free anchorage that will withstand tension and compression loads.

The Heli-Tie wall tie is installed using a proprietary setting tool that is used with an SDS-PLUS shank rotohammer to drive and countersink the tie. Heli-Tie wall ties perform in concrete and masonry as well as wood and steel studs.

Key Features

  • Installs quickly and easily — with the rotohammer in hammer mode, the tie installs faster than competitive products.
  • Provides an inconspicuous repair that preserves the appearance of the building. After installation, the tie is countersunk up to 1/2" below the surface, allowing the tie location to be patched.
  • Larger core diameter provides higher torsional capacity, resulting in less deflection due to “uncoiling” under load.
  • Fractionally sized anchor — no metric drill bits required.
  • Patented manufacturing process results in a more uniform helix along the entire tie, allowing easier driving and better interlock with the substrate.


Type-304 stainless steel (Type 316 available by special order—contact Simpson Strong-Tie for details)


  • Drill pilot hole through the façade material and into the backup material to the specified embedment depth + 1" using appropriate drill bit(s). Drill should be in rotation-only mode when drilling into soft masonry or into hollow backing material.
  • Position blue end of the Heli-Tie™ fastener in the installation tool and insert the tie into the pilot hole.
  • With the SDS-PLUS rotohammer in hammer mode, drive the tie until the tip of the installation tool enters the exterior surface of the masonry and countersinks the tie below the surface. Patch the hole in the façade.

Test Criteria

CSA A370

Technical Information

Heli-Tie™ Design Information

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Product Information Tables

Heli-Tie™ Product Data
Size (in.) Model No. Drill Bit Dia. (in.) Quantity
Box Carton
3/8 x 7 HELI37700A 7/32 or 1/4 50 400
3/8 x 8 HELI37800A 50 400
3/8 x 9 HELI37900A 50 400
3/8 x 10 HELI371000A 50 200
3/8 x 11 HELI371100A 50 200
3/8 x 12 HELI371200A 50 200
3/8 x 14 HELI371400A 50 200
3/8 x 16 HELI371600A 50 200
3/8 x 18 HELI371800A 50 200
3/8 x 20 HELI372000A 50 200