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Heli-Tie™ Helical Stitching Tie


The Simpson Strong-Tie® Heli-Tie helical stitching tie provides a unique solution to the preservation and repair of damaged brick and masonry structures. Ties are grouted into existing masonry to repair cracks and increase strength with minimum disturbance. Made of Type-304 stainless steel, the Heli-Tie stitching tie features radial fins formed on the steel wire via cold rolling process, increasing the tensile strength of the tie.

(Model no: HELIST254000)

Key Features

  • Helical design distributes loads uniformly over a large surface area
  • Installs into the mortar joint to provide an inconspicuous repair and preserve the appearance of the structure
  • Type-304 stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance to original reinforcement
  • Patented manufacturing process results in consistent, uniform helix configuration (U.S. Patent 7,269,987)
  • Batch number printed on each tie for easy identification and inspection


Type-304 stainless steel


  • Chase bed joint 20" on either side of the affected area to a depth of approximately 1 1/4" with a rotary grinding wheel. Vertical spacing of installation sites should be 12" for red brick or “every other course” for concrete masonry units.
  • Clear bed joint of all loose debris.
  • Mix non-shrink repair grout or mortar per product instructions and place into the prepared bed joint, filling the void to approximately two-thirds of its depth. Simpson Strong-Tie FX-263 repair mortar may be used.
  • Embed the tie at one-half the depth of the void. Trowel displaced grout to fully encapsulate the tie.
  • Fill any remaining void and vertical cracks with non-shrink repair grout or other repair mortar to conceal repair site.


HELIST254000: 1/4" x 40" stitching tie

Ordering Information

Sold in tubes of 10

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