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Strong-Rod® Systems Threaded Rod (ATS)

The Strong-Rod ATS is a tension transfer element within the anchor tiedown system (ATS) for shearwall overturning restraint. These rods are threaded on both ends, with the top end having 12" or 48" of thread to allow for the distance that the rod sticks through the floor system, which can vary. ATS rods feature etched information on the shank that allows for easy identification in the field.

Key Features

  • Available in diameters from 5/8" up to 1 1/4"
  • UNC Class 2A thread specifications


  • ASTM A108 Grade G10450 Min Fy = 92 ksi, min. Fu = 120 ksi


  • Uncoated black steel


  • When placing the rod, the most commonly used procedure involves dropping in (or pushing up) the rod through the drilled holes in the flooring system after framing has been completed
  • Drilled holes through the sill plate and flooring system should be completed with one continuous drilling action
  • See installation animations in the Image & Video Gallery for further description

Related Literature

Load Tables

High–Strength, Strong–Rod Product Data

Allowable Tensile Capacity for ATS Strong-Rods
Rod Model No. Rod Dia. (in.) Material Allowable Tension Capacity (lb.)2
Fy (ksi) Fu (ksi) P100 (lb)
  1. Allowable tension capacities are based on AISC 360-16.
  2. No further increase in allowable load is permitted.
  3. For standard-strength ATS-SRx product information, see Strong-Rod ATS-SR. For ASD load values, refer to ATR-X for equivalent Allowable Tension Capacities.
  4. Note that rod strength and allowable tension capacity, if using Steel Strong-Rods (ATS-SRxH) for 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" rod diameters, are associated with 120 ksi rod steel. When ATS-SRxH and ATS-HSRx are used in the same ATS run or calculation set between restraints, the 120 ksi ATS-SRxH will govern.
ATS-SR5H 5/8 92 120 13,805
ATS-SR6H 3/4 92 120 19,880
ATS-SR7H 7/8 92 120 27,060
ATS-SR8H 1 92 120 35,345
ATS-SR9H 1 1/8 92 120 44,730
ATS-SR10H 1 1/4 92 120 55,225

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