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Strong-Rod® XL Threaded Rod

Strong-Rod® XL

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The Strong-Rod XL is designed for applications where minimal rod elongation is critical. While the threaded ends are 1 1/8" in diameter, the body of the rod is 1 3/4" to limit rod elongation under load.


High-Strength (Model SR_H) - min Fu = 120,000 psi, min Fy = 92,000

Higher-Strength (Model SR_H150) – min Fu = 150,000 psi, min Fy = 130,000

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Load Tables

Anchor Tiedown System
Allowable Tensile Capacity for Strong-Rod XL
Rod Model # Threaded Dia. Fy (ksi) Fu (ksi) AISC 13th Ed.
P100 (lb)
ATS-SR9H/14 1 1/8 92 120 44,730
ATS-SR9H150/14-7 1 1/8 130 150 55,915
  1. High-strength Strong-Rod is based on minimum Fu = 120,000 psi and Fy = 92,000 psi.
  2. H150 Strong-Rod is based on minimum Fu = 150,000 psi and Fy = 130,000 psi.
  3. No further steel stress increase allowed.

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