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RFB Retrofit Bolt


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The RFB retrofit bolt is a clean, oil-free, pre-cut threaded rod, supplied with nut and washer. It offers a complete engineered anchoring system when used with Simpson Strong-Tie® adhesive. Inspection is easy; the head is stamped with rod length and “No Equal” symbol for identification after installation.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Coating/Material Size (in.) Carton Qty.
  1. Bulk quantities do not include the nut and washer and must be ordered with a “-B” suffix (example: RFB#4x5-B). Hot-dip galvanized RFBs not available in bulk.

  2. Retail packs must be ordered with a “-R” suffix (example: RFB#4x10-R).

RFB#4X10HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 10 25
RFB#4X5HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 5 50
RFB#4X5HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 5 10
RFB#4X6HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 6 50
RFB#4X7HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 7 50
RFB#4X8HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 1/2 x 8 10
RFB#5X10HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 10 25
RFB#5X12HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 12 10
RFB#5X16HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 16 25
RFB#5X16HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 16 10
RFB#5X5HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 5 50
RFB#5X5HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 5 10
RFB#5X8HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 8 50
RFB#5X8HDG-R Hot-Dip Galvanized 5/8 x 8 10
RFB#6X10.5HDG Hot-Dip Galvanized 3/4 x 10 1/2 25
RFB#4X10 Zinc Plated 1/2 x 10 25
RFB#4X4 Zinc Plated 1/2 x 4 50
RFB#4X5 Zinc Plated 1/2 x 5 50
RFB#4X6 Zinc Plated 1/2 x 6 50
RFB#4X7 Zinc Plated 1/2 x 7 50
RFB#5X10 Zinc Plated 5/8 x 10 25
RFB#5X16 Zinc Plated 5/8 x 16 25
RFB#5X5 Zinc Plated 5/8 x 5 50
RFB#5X8 Zinc Plated 5/8 x 8 50
RFB#6X10.5 Zinc Plated 3/4 x 10 1/2 25

Product Information Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

  1. RFB#4X8HDG-R and RFB#5X12HDG-R are only available with a hot-dip galvanized coating. They are retail packaged and are sold 10 per carton.
  2. Washer provided on all RFB (except RFB#5x8SS).

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