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SDS-plus® Fixed-Depth Drill Bit 

SDS-plus® Fixed-Depth Drill Bit

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Carbide Drill Bits and Accessories

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This fixed-depth SDS-plus® shank drill bit properly prepares the anchor site for the Simpson Strong-Tie® DIAS Short Drop-In in normal-weight, sand-lightweight and hollow-core concrete.

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Product Information Tables

Fixed Depth Drill Bits
Model No. Drill Bit Diameter (in.) Drill Depth (In.) Drop-In Anchor (in.)
Standard Drop-In Anchors
MDPL037DIA 3/8 1 1/16 1/4
MDPL050DIA 1/2 1 11/16 3/8
MDPL062DIA 5/8 2 1/16 1/2
Short Drop-In Anchors
MDPL050DIAS 1/2 15/16 3/8
MDPL062DIAS 5/8 1 1/4 1/2