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Edge-Tie™ Channel 

The Edge-Tie channel is extruded steel designed to eliminate field welds and simplify cladding connections. The high-yield strength of the steel channel and reducing or eliminating eccentric lateral load provides an overall stronger edge connection. The innovative continuous channel works on any building and minimizes anchor attachment planning and simplifies installation or adjustment of cladding connections. The Edge-Tie channel is designed to be used in conjunction with Edge-Tie T-bolts. These bolted facade connections do not require field welding, allowing for a faster installation with less labor. Also part of the system is a reusable, bolted guardrail attachment that can remain in place during and after curtain wall installation. This strong, versatile and highly flexible system helps to enclose buildings quickly and reduce overall project schedules and costs.

Key Features

  • No field welding required
  • Edge-Tie channel is aligned directly with horizontal leg to eliminate eccentricity of lateral load  
  • Bolting the cladding to a continuous channel provides flexibility to adjust the placement of connections if the alignment is imperfect  
  • The extruded steel creates a straighter edge to work with than traditional bent plates, necessitating fewer field adjustments 
  • Extruded steel has a yield strength of 60 ksi
  • Edge-Tie channel is a fully tested assembly

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