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CCPC Column Cap

Columns caps are an integral part of structural systems designed to provide an increased bearing area while securing a wood beam to a wood column. The Indoor Architectural products CCPC provides this strong column-beam connection in wood construction projects. The seat of the column cap provides an additional surface area of bearing that extends beyond each side of the column helping to distribute the load from the beam and provide added support and stability for the connection. The CCPC is part of our Classic Collection, featuring modern smooth edges and clean lines. Along with its powder-coat finish, the sleek design makes this connector ideal for projects where the connectors are visible.

Key Features

  • Certified welds for confidence in strength and loading
  • Uplift loads increased for earthquake or wind loading
  • Bolt spacing that meets NDS code requirements to ensure optimal performance
  • Diamond holes to provide temporary fastening
  • Black powder-coat finish for a decorative look


  • CC88PC — 3 gauge; all others — 7 gauge


  • Black powder coat


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Bolt holes shall be a minimum of 1/32" to a maximum of 1/16" larger than the bolt diameter (per 2015 NDS, section; bolt holes should be drilled from one side all the way through the beam to maintain hole tolerances
  • Contact engineered wood manufacturers for connections that are not through the wide face


  • Notched alternatives: OCC Column Caps
  • Non-ornamental alternatives: CC

Related Literature

Load Tables

  1. Allowable loads have been increased 60% for wind or earthquake loading with no further increase allowed; reduce where other loads govern.
  2. Post sides are assumed to lie in the same vertical plane as the beam sides.
  3. Downloads are determined using F'c perpendicular equal to 625 psi on seat area; reduce where end bearing value of post, L/R of post, or other criteria are limiting.
  4. See ECC/ECCU for glulam beam sizes and conditions. Add PC to the model, i.e. CC31/4-4PC.
  5. Column caps for end conditions available to order, add an "E" to the start of the model number. See ECC/ECCU Load Table for load values.

Code Reports & Compliance