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DBT Deck-Tie® Connector


This product has been discontinued. Please see the EB-TY® Hidden Deck Fastener as a replacement.

The DBT1Z deck-board tie provides a nail-free surface fastening system for deck boards. Eliminates countersinking, hammer dents, nail popping, ugly nail heads and rust stains on surface. Leaves an unbroken deck surface that is easy to sand and refinish when it’s time for maintenance


  • 18 gauge


  • ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information


  • Use specified HDG fasteners. See General Notes.
  • DBT1Z Deck Board Tie: Position the DBT1Z with the locator prongs and install with a single 10dx1 1/2" HDG nail. Other edge of deck board shall be toenailed (see drawing). Using dry lumber will minimize deck board movement after installation. Works with 2x deck boards, 5/4 deck boards (pre-drilling may be required), or composite deck boards a minimum 1" thick (pre-drilling may be required). To check number of DBT1Z multiply number of joists by number of deck boards. The DBT1Z will not prevent cupping, bowing or warping of deck boards.
  • 1 box of 50 covers approximately 25 sq. ft. based on 6" deck boards on joists spaced at 16" on center.

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Code Reports

Part IAPMO UES ER ICC-ES ESR City of Los Angeles State of Florida
DBT1Z FL10865
DBTZSee specific model numbers for code listings.


Part Orthographic Perspective
DBT1ZNone None
DBTZNone None