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FX-505 Water-Based Acrylic Coating


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FX-505 Water-Based Acrylic Coating is a single-component, fast-drying, protective architectural coating for concrete, masonry and stucco.

CSI Specification

  • 09 97 23 Concrete & Masonry Coatings

Key Features

  • Excellent color retention
  • 100% acrylic resin
  • Good hiding properties
  • Breathable
  • Water based
  • Fast drying
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
  • Easy to clean
  • Bonds well to concrete, masonry and FRP substrates
  • Repels rain
  • Excellent UV resistance


  • Commercial building façades
  • Concrete and masonry substrates
  • New and remedial applications
  • Exterior applications
  • Vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Tilt‑wall and precast panels
  • Block and brick masonry
  • Retaining walls
  • Various DOT applications

Application Rate

  • 2.5–5 DFT mils total applied in two coats
  • 275–550 ft.2/US gal. (6.7–13.5 m2/L) per coat depending on surface profile and porosity


  • Gloss


  • Medium Gray

Storage Conditions

  • Store dry between 40° and 95°F (4°–35°C). Protect from freezing. Discard if frozen.

Shelf Life

  • 1 year in unopened packaging


  • 86 g/L


  • 1 US gallon (3.8 L) can (FX505GR04‑1)
  • 5 US gallon (18.9 L) pail (FX505GR04‑5)


  • This product is covered by the Simpson Strong-Tie RPS Product One-Year Limited Warranty, which is available at strongtie.com/limited-warranties or by calling Simpson Strong-Tie at (800) 999-5099

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