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EDTA22CKT Battery-Powered Dispensing Tool and Accessories for 22 oz. Cartridges


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The EDTA22C offers power dispensing of 22 oz., 1:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives without the need for a hose or compressor. The tool features dosage and rate control for maximum efficiency on the job. This heavy-duty dispensing tool is designed to work with Simpson Strong-Tie® adhesive cartridges for trouble-free dispensing. The tool may be easily converted to dispense 16.5 oz., 2:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives (conversion parts included).

Model No. Option Packaging Qty.
EDTA22CKT Battery-powered tool for 22 oz. cartridges. 1

Product Includes

Kit includes two battery packs and charger.

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