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FX-70-10™ Field-Formed Protective System


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FX-70-10™ Field-Formed Protective System is a high-build, chemical-resistant, fabric-reinforced, multi-layer protective epoxy coating system designed for high abrasion environments. The FX-70-10 Field-Formed Protective System consists of two layers of fiberglass fabric encapsulated in three coats of FX-70-9™ Epoxy Coating.

CSI Specification

09 96 56 Epoxy Coatings

Key Features

  • Excellent chemical resistance in wastewater and other tank-lining applications
  • High-build system
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for immersion service
  • Can be applied to damp (SSD) concrete
  • Self-priming for most applications
  • Low odor


  • Commercial and industrial applications requiring moderate chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance
  • Primary/secondary containment
  • Pond/tank lining system
  • Water/wastewater: protective lining for steel and concrete tanks, digesters
  • Marine applications: to protect concrete, steel and wood piles and other structural marine elements

Application Rate

FX‑70-9 Epoxy Coating:

  • 80 WFT mils total applied in two fabric saturant coats and one topcoat
FX‑70-10 Fabric:
  • Applied in 2 layers with all splices overlapped 2 in. (51 mm) minimum

Fabric Saturant Coats:

  • FX‑70-9 Epoxy Coating at 50 ft.2/US gal. (1.2 m2/L) with one layer of FX‑70-10 Fabric embedded and back-rolled wet


  • FX‑70-9 Epoxy Coating applied at 80 ft.2/US gal. (2 m2/L)


Buff, White, Light Gray, Brick Red, Black

Mixing Ratio


Storage Conditions

Store dry between 40 and 95°F (4–35°C)

Shelf Life

  • FX‑70‑10 Fabric: 4 years in unopened packaging
  • FX‑70‑9 Epoxy Coating: 2 years in unopened packaging


12 g/L (mixed)


FX‑70-10™ Fabric:

  • 4 in. x 150 ft. (101.6 mm x 45.7 m) (FXGRF4X50)
  • 6 in. x 150 ft. (152.4 mm x 45.7 m) (FXGRF6X50)
  • 12 in. x 150 ft. (304.8 mm x 45.7 m) (FXGRF12X50)
  • 38 in. x 375 ft. (965.2 mm x 114.3 m) (FXGRF38X125)

FX‑70-9™ Epoxy Coating:

  • 3 US gallon (11.4 L) kit (FX70‑9XXXXKT3)
  • 15 US gallon (56.8 L) kit (FX70‑9XXXXKT15)

Limited Warranty

  • This product is covered by the Simpson Strong-Tie RPS Product One-Year Limited Warranty, which is available at strongtie.com/limited-warranties or by calling Simpson Strong-Tie at (800) 999-5099

Product Notes

  • Products with color options require a 4-character color code when ordering. Please contact Simpson Strong-Tie customer service.

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