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CSS-UES Underwater Epoxy Saturant


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CSS-UES is a two-component, high-strength, high-modulus epoxy resin system used to saturate the Simpson Strong-Tie® Composite Strengthening Systems™ (CSS) fabrics for marine applications. When extended with fumed silica, thickened CSS-UES is used as a high-performance substrate repair material and CSS finish coating. This product is NSF-listed safe for potable water. Please refer to the NSF listing for the NSF 61–listed application.

Key Features

  • Underwater use
  • Long working time
  • High elongation
  • Ambient cure
  • Minimal odor
  • High versatility
  • NSF listed


  • Seismic retrofit
  • Load rating upgrade
  • Damage repair
  • Defect remediation
  • Blast mitigation

    Mixing Ratio

    • 2A:1B by volume

    Storage Conditions

    • Store material in a dry area between 45°F (7°C) and 95°F (35°C) with no exposure to moisture.

    Shelf Life

    • 2 years in unopened container


    Kit Size / Model No.

    • 3 US gallon (11.4 L) / CSS-UES-3KT


    • This product is covered by the Simpson Strong-Tie RPS Product One-Year Limited Warranty, which is available at strongtie.com/limited-warranties or by calling Simpson Strong-Tie at (800) 999-5099

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