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THGBH Heavy Truss Girder Hanger


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The THGBH is a high-capacity bolted hanger designed for installing multi-ply girder trusses. This welded hanger attaches to a vertical web and is designed with a backplate to support higher loads. The bolted THGBH offers high design load capacities and easy installation.

Key Features

  • Can be skewed a maximum of 45°. The maximum allowable down load and uplift load for skew is 0.87 of the table load.


  • 3 ga.


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. HDG available; see Corrosion Information.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • All multiple members must be fastened together to act as a single unit
  • Maximum 11 7/8" bottom chord in the carrying member to allow for the minimum bolt end distance
  • Bolts must be installed symmetrically when fewer than the maximum number of bolts are used on the backplate
  • Girders must have adequate lateral bracing to prevent excessive displacement due to secondary torsional stresses (refer to ANSI/TPI 1-2014 Section


  • THGBH hangers can be skewed to a maximum of 45°. The maximum allowable down load and uplift load for skew is 0.87 of the table load.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Ga. W (in.) Coating/Material Packaging Qty.
THGBH2 3 3 5/16 Simpson Strong-Tie Gray Paint 1
THGBH3 3 4 15/16 Simpson Strong-Tie Gray Paint 1
THGBH4 3 6 9/16 Simpson Strong-Tie Gray Paint 1

Load Tables

THGBH Truss and SCL-to-Truss Girder Hangers Load Table
  1. Uplift loads have been increased for earthquake or wind loading with no further increase allowed. Reduce where other loads govern.
  2. A minimum two-ply carrying member is required.
  3. Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws require a minimum two-ply (3") carrying member.
  4. Bolts and Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (not included) may be installed through metal truss connector plates as approved by the truss designer, provided the requirements of ANSI/TPI 1-2014, Sections and 8.9.2 are met.
  5. (10) 0.148" x 3" nails for the carried member will achieve the maximum downloads. Uplift loads are 2,570 lb. for DF/SP and 2,210 lb. for SPF/HF. To achieve maximum uplift, install nails and bolts listed in the table.
  6. Wind (160) is a download rating.
  7. To achieve published loads, install bolts into the girder truss with the nut on the opposite side of the hanger with a standard cut-washer. Standard cut-washers are required for THGBH.
  8. Fasteners: Nail dimensions in the table are listed diameter by length. For additional information, see Fastener Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.

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