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LUC/LU/U/HU/HUC Standard Face-Mount Joist Hangers


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LUCZ — Concealed-flange hanger available for 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12 lumber. Ideal for end of ledger/header or post conditions, the LUCZ also provides cleaner lines for exposed conditions such as overhead decks.

LU — Value engineered for strength and economy. Precision-formed — engineered for installation ease and design value.

U — The standard U hanger provides flexibility of joist to header installation. Versatile fastener selection with tested allowable loads.

HU/HUC — Most models have triangle and round holes. To achieve maximum loads, fill both round and triangle holes with common nails. These heavy-duty connectors are designed for schools and other structures requiring additional strength, longevity and safety factors.


  • See tables


  • Galvanized. Some products available in ZMAX® coating.


  • Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.
  • HU/HUC — Can be installed filling round holes only, or filling round and triangle holes for maximum values.
  • Joists sloped up to 1/4:12 achieve table loads.
  • For installations to masonry or concrete, see HU/HUC/HSUR/L.
  • HU/HUC hangers can be welded to a steel member. Allowable loads are the lesser of the values in the hanger tables or the weld capacity — refer to technical bulletin HU/HUC Welded onto Steel Members (T-HUHUC-W).
  • When nailing into carrying member's end grain, the allowable load is adjusted by a factor of 0.67.


  • For both flanges concealed, order HUC.
  • When the HUC is skewed, the header flange opposite the skew direction is not concealed. See image gallery.
  • The HU is available with the A flanges straight at table loads listed.
  • For low-cost, code approved 45° skewed hangers, see SUR/SUL.
  • For field-adjustable hangers, see LSSJ, LRUZ and LSSR.
  • See table-modifications table for available options and associated load capacities for U and HU hangers.
  • For ease of ordering, refer to technical bulletin U/HU Hanger Special Order Worksheet (T-U-HU-WS).
  • LU/LUC cannot be modified.

Product Notes

  • Model configurations may differ from those shown. Some HU models do not have triangle holes. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie.

Related Literature

Product Information Tables

Maximum Skew Degree for Skewed HUC Hangers

Maximum Skew Degree for Skewed HUC Hangers
Top View U Hanger Skewed Right
Top View U Hanger Skewed Right < 51° (Square cut)

Load Tables

See Hanger Options for hanger modifications, which may result in reduced loads.

Load Values with Nails

See Hanger tables

Load Values with Strong-Drive® SD Connector Screws
Model No. Fasteners Allowable Loads
Face Joist DF/SP SPF/HF
Uplift(160) Floor (100) Snow (115) Roof (125) Uplift (160) Floor (100) Snow (115) Roof (125)

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

LU24 4-SD9112 2-SD9112 340 685 725 725 290 450 515 560
LU26 6-SD9112 4-SD9112 915 1025 1030 1030 715 670 775 840
LUC26Z 6-SD9112 4-SD9112 865 1025 1180 1285 715 670 775 840
LUC26Z 6-SD10112 4-SD10112 915 1040 1195 1300 790 830 950 1035
LU28 8-SD9112 6-SD9112 995 1370 1380 1380 855 895 1030 1120
LU210 10-SD9112 6-SD9112 1150 1710 1965 2010 990 1120 1290 1400
LUC210Z 10-SD9112 6-SD9112 1605 1710 1965 2030 1075 1120 1290 1400
LUC210Z 10-SD10112 6-SD10112 1580 1730 1990 2165 1325 1380 1585 1725

U/HU/HUC Series Modifications and Associated Load Reduction Factors

U/HU/HUC Series Modifications and Associated Load Reduction Factors
  1. Modified seat is sloped, skewed, or both. If sloped only or skewed only, use a smooth-shank stainless-steel reduction of 0.65.
  2. For hanger applications with both flanges concealed, W must be at least 2 5/16". To order, ask for HUCXXX. For skewed HUC, only flange on acute side is concealed.
  3. Skews over 50° require a square-cut joist.
Reduction Factor Instructions

Allowable Download =
  Seat x Flange x Stainless Steel Nails x Other Fastener Substitutions x (Table Load)
Allowable Uplift =
  0.75 x Face Fastener Type x (Table Load) for skewed or sloped
  1.00 x Face Fastener Type x (Table Load) for non-skewed or non-sloped

Code Reports & Compliance