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GWL-100 Lathing Washer and GMR-2 Magnetic Ring 

GWL-100 Lathing Washer and GMR-2 Magnetic Ring

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The GWL-100 lathing washer is used with the GCN-MEPMAG tool and attaches lath to the wall surface for overlaying scratch coats, brown coats and stucco. The washers are held onto the nose of the tool with the new GMR-2 magnetic ring and are attached to the substrate (including concrete and CMU) with GDP pins, which fasten through the washer. No extra tools are needed to install the magnetic ring to the nosepiece of the tool.

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Product Information Tables

Lathing Washer and Magnetic Ring
Model No. Description Pack Qty. Carton Qty.
GWL-100 Lathing Washer, 1" Diameter 1,000 5,000
GMR-2 Magnetic Ring for GCN150 10 900
Lathing Washer and Magnetic Rings are sold separately.