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GDPS pins are designed to work in the GCN-MEPMAG gas-actuated nailer tool for installation into steel. The step-shank pin, with a smaller-diameter tip, facilitates easier penetration, while the larger-diameter upper shank provides more shear resistance and successful installation.

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Product Information Tables

0.118"/0.102"-Diameter Stepped-Shank Drive Pins
Model No. Length (in.) Qty. Pins / Pack +1 Fuel Cell Packs/Carton Compatible Tools
Simpson Strong-Tie Others
GDPS-50KT 1/2 1,000 5 GCN-MEPMAG TF1100, C3, TF1200
GDPS-62KT 5/8 1,000 5
GDPS-75KT 3/4 1,000 5