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GFC Fuel Cell


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The GFC34 fuel cell is designed to operate with the GCN-MEPMAG and with many major-brand gas-actuated concrete-nailer tools. The fuel cell provides 1,200 shots and can operate at temperatures between 20° and 120°F (–6°–49°C). The fuel cells are offered individually or in a two-per-pack clamshell. Additionally, one fuel cell is included with each pack of 1,000 pins.

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Product Information Tables

Gas Fuel Cells for the GCN-MEP
Model No. Description Pack Qty. Carton Qty. Compatible with These Tools
GFC34 34-gram fuel cells 12 Simpson Strong-Tie®: GCN-MEP and GCN-MEPMAG
Others: TrakFast® TF1100, Trak-It® C3
GFC34-RC2 (2) 34-gram fuel cells 2 6