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GCN-MEPMAGKT Gas-Actuated Concrete Nailer

The GCN-MEPMAGKT gas-actuated concrete nailer is a portable fastener tool for attaching light-duty fixtures to concrete, steel, concrete block (CMU), lightweight concrete over metal deck, and cold-formed steel. As a magazine tool, GCN-MEPMAGKT is ideal for attaching drywall track, furring strips, hat track and angle track using GDP and GDPS collated pins.

GCN-MEPMAGKT offers you the flexibility of having two tools in one convenient package — a magazine tool and a single-shot tool, since the magazine is easily removed without additional assembly tools. As a single-shot tool, the GCN-MEPMAGKT is great for attaching mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures with pre-assembled pins/accessories such as washer pins, ceiling clips, tophats and threaded studs. The pre-assembled pins for the single-shot tool use 0.283"-headed fasteners with 0.126"-diameter shanks for stronger fastening performance.

Both the single-shot and magazine tool offer portability without the need for cords or hoses, and are actuated with GFC34 gas fuel cells.

Key Features

  • Power to drive 0.126"-diameter pins
  • Flexibility to drive 1/2" to 1 1/2" pins
  • Flexibility to drive 0.250" and 0.286" dia. headed pins
  • Pin-depth adjustment dial
  • Battery charge indicator light
  • Comfortable “sure-grip” rubber handle and ladder hook
  • Easy start-up procedure: Insert fuel cell, insert battery, load pins, and begin use

Minimum Cleaning Required
The GCN-MEPMAGKT has a very efficient ignition system that provides complete fuel combustion. This results in a cleaner operating tool, which, in turn, results in more tool energy and higher productivity. To maintain maximum level of productivity, periodic cleaning is recommended.

  • Only requires cleaning every 20,000 shots
  • Easy access to the air filter and piston chamber
Model No. Option Packaging Qty.
GCN-MEPMAGKT GCN-MEP nailer (with magazine) 1


  • Tool dimensions:
    – Length 12.5" (317.5 mm), 17" (432.8 mm)
    – Tool weight: 6.6 lb. (3 kg), 8.3 lb. (3.7 kg) with magazine
    – Height 15.3" (389 mm)
  • Compatible fasteners:
    – Length: 1/2" (12.7 mm) to 1 1/2" (38 mm)
    – Head diameter: 0.250" and 0.286"
    – Shank diameter: 0.106" to 0.126"
  • Average number of shots per fuel cell: 1,200
  • Average cyclic firing rate: 2 shots per second
  • Average battery charge time (6V NiMH): 2 hours
  • Operation temperature range: 20°–120°F (–6°–49°C)
  • Magazine capacity: 42
  • Maximum fastenings before reloading: 40

The magazine is designed to retain two pins during use to prevent the tool from discharging without a fastener (which can damage the tool and possibly cause injury). The tool will resume normal operation when additional pins are loaded.


The GCN-MEPMAGKT gas-actuated concrete nailer is ideal for fastening:

  • Drywall track
  • Lath wire for stucco
  • Water-proofing membrane
  • Furring strips

Product Includes

The GCN-MEPMAGKT kit includes:

  • GCN-MEPMAG nailer
  • 2 batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Charger adaptor
  • Allen wrenches
  • Safety glasses and ear plugs
  • User manual / tool schematic
  • Rugged tool box
Model Number Description
GCN-ADP012 Adapter
GCN-CHG007 Charger (U.S.)
GCN-PPA020 Battery (U.S.)

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