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HL/HLG Heavy Angles and Gussets


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Versatile angle gussets and heavy angles promote standardization and construction economy, and are compatible with Simpson Strong-Tie structural hardware.


  • 8 ga. models — galvanized; 3 ga. models — Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. May be ordered HDG or black powder coat (add HDG or PC to model no.); contact Simpson Strong-Tie.


  • Gussets may be added to HL models when L ≥ 5" (specify G after model number, as in HL46G)

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Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection.

  1. See Straps and Ties General Notes.
  2. For SPF/HF lumber, use 0.85 x DF/SP allowable loads.
  3. Parts should be centered on the face of the member, which is at least as wide as the angle, to which they are attached.
  4. Wood members for the "3" and "5" series must have a minimum width and thickness of 3 1/2" for table loads to apply.
  5. Wood members for the "4" and "7" series must have a minimum width and thickness of 5 1/8" for table loads to apply.
  6. Allowable loads are for a single connector. Uplift loads may be doubled when using two connectors. Connectors are required on both sides to achieve lateral loads in both directions. Lateral loads may not be doubled.
  7. Lag screws of equal diameter (minimum 5" long) may be substituted for bolts in the beam with no reduction in load.
Typical HL55 Installation

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