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Great Change Comes With Great Commitment

Recent events of discrimination and senseless violence against George Floyd and other Americans of color remind us that we need to work much harder to be empathetic, challenge ourselves to be better, and choose peaceful, constructive actions to fight racism and hate. Every one of us has this responsibility.

Right now, we must recognize the pain, frustration, concern and fear many are feeling, not only from recent events but from pervasive prejudice and racism in our society. We should all be horrified by the images from the news last week and frustrated by society’s rhetoric and lack of accountability.

Adding to the anxiety of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, these feelings can be overwhelming. Our families, colleagues and communities need our support more than ever as we manage through this difficult time.

We must keep moving forward in the fight against discrimination. At Simpson, our founder Barc Simpson’s Nine Principles are our Company Values and serve as our North Star to keep guiding our steps in the right direction. Value No. 5 — Everybody Matters — is of particular significance during this time.

“Everybody in a company is important. Everybody. That’s absolutely crucial and so you must do everything you can to make people feel that they’re valued.”Barc Simpson

As a company, we believe in equality and diversity and treating everyone with respect and dignity, and we are strongly committed to our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. And now, more so than ever, we must not forget the importance of freedom, inclusivity, tolerance, compassion, humility, and solidarity — and we must not be silent and ignore these difficult issues.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We stand with all groups that have suffered discrimination and are committed to being a force for change in our company and society. We will develop and share a concrete plan in the coming weeks. As the first of many steps to demonstrate our commitment, we are donating $20,000 to the Black Lives Matter Fund and $20,000 to the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Great change comes with great commitment. Through our collective commitment to our values and plan, we will fight discrimination and use the power of diversity and inclusion to strengthen Simpson Strong-Tie and our communities.

Karen Colonias' Signature

Karen Colonias
President and CEO