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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Product Use

Products on this website are designed and manufactured for the specific purposes shown and should not be used with other connectors not approved by a qualified Designer. You should review our website and consult a qualified Designer familiar with all applicable building codes each time you use a Simpson Strong-Tie product.

Consult www.strongtie.com for disclaimers, warnings, General Notes, General Instructions for the Installer, General Instructions for the Designer, Building Codes, Corrosion Information and other important information. F.O.B. Shipping Point unless otherwise specified.

Non-Catalog and Modified Products

Modifications to products or changes in installation procedures should only be made by a licensed/certified building design professional, a licensed professional engineer or licensed architect (“Designer”). The performance of such modified products or altered installation procedures is the sole responsibility of the Designer. Any person modifying Simpson Strong-Tie products must provide the installer with specific instructions on the modified products' specifications, installation and use.

Consult Simpson Strong-Tie for applications for which there is no catalog product, or for connectors for use in hostile environments, with excessive wood shrinkage, or with abnormal loading or erection requirements.

Non-catalog products must be designed by a qualified Designer and will be fabricated by Simpson Strong-Tie in accordance with customer specifications.

Any modified, special order or non-catalog products, or any products that are not installed strictly in accordance with Simpson Strong-Tie’s installation procedures, are provided “AS IS” and without any representation or warranty of any kind.


Any Designer or other person who modifies any products, changes any installation procedures or designs any non-catalog products for fabrication by Simpson Strong-Tie shall, regardless of specific instructions to the user, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Simpson Strong-Tie for any and all claimed loss or damage occasioned in whole or in part by such products.