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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Coating/Material Screw Size Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Shank Diameter (in.) Drive Type Head Type Thread Type Point Type Packaging Qty. UPC
SD8X1.25-R Clear Zinc Coating #8 1 1/4 0.418 5/32 #2 Phillips Wafer Head Serrated Threads Sharp Point 100 707392361367

Product Information Table

Model No. Length (in.) Screw Size Drive Type Head Diameter (in.) Head Type Thread Type Shank Diameter (in.) Point Type Coating/Material Packaging Quantity UPC
SD8X1.25 1 1/4 #8 #2 Phillips 0.418 Wafer Head Serrated Threads 5/32 Sharp Point Clear-Zinc Coating 100 044315088216

Load Tables

Allowable Loads

  1. Allowable loads are shown at the wood load duration factor of CD = 1.00. Loads may be increased for load duration up to a CD = 1.60.
  2. SD8x1.25 requires 3/4" minimum penetration into the main member.
  3. Do not use SD8x1.25 wood screws with structural connectors unless specified.
  4. Warning: Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry, interior, and noncorrosive environments only.