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Literature & Links for Canada

Two branches to serve you:

Maple Ridge, BC

Western Canada Office and Factory

11476 Kingston Street
Maple Ridge, British Columbia,
V2X 0Y5
phone: (604) 465-0296 or (800) 999-5099
fax: (604) 465-0297
email: 28orders@strongtie.com

Brampton, ON

Eastern Canada Office and Factory

5 Kenview Blvd.
Brampton, Ontario,
L6T 5G5
Phone: (905) 458-5538 or (800) 999-5099
fax: (905) 458-7274
email: 53orders@strongtie.com



Form # Name

Canadian Limit States Design | Allowable Stress Design

C-L-SRSCAN18 Strong-Rod™ Systems Seismic and Wind Anchor Tiedown System Guide
C-L-SRSCAN16CF Strong-Rod™ Systèmes de retenue contre les renversements pour les bâtiments à plusieurs étages
C-C-CAN2018 Wood Construction Connectors (Canada)
C-C-CAN2018CF Connecteurs Pour Constructions En Bois – Conception Aux États Limites Canadiens [Wood Construction Connectors (Canada) – in Canadian French]
C-L-WSWCAN16 Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwall Catalog, Limit States Design
C-CFS-17 Cold-Formed Steel Connectors
F-C-HWRCAG16 High Wind-Resistant Construction
C-F-2017 Fastening Systems
C-A-2016 Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete & Masonry
C-L-SW14 Strong-Wall® Shearwalls
S-C-INSTALL16 Installer's Pocket Guide / Guía de Bolsillo para el Instalador
Connector Selection Guides
Form # Name

Canadian Limit States Design | Allowable Stress Design

CSG-BCCANAJS12 Boise Cascade AJS I-Joists, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-BCCANAJS12F Boise Cascade Solives en I AJS, Calculs aux États Limites, en français canadien
CSG-BCCANBCI12 Boise Cascade BCI I-Joists, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-IBEAMCAN12 International Beam, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-LPCAN12 Louisiana Pacific, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-LPCAN12CF Louisiana Pacific, Calculs aux États Limites, en français canadien
CSG-NORDICCAN12 Nordic, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-NORDICCN12F Nordic, Calculs aux États Limites, en français canadien
CSG-OJTRIFCAN12 Open Joist Triforce, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-PINKWDCAN17 PinkWood, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-SIBEAMCAN12 Superior I Beam, Canada Limit States Design
CSG-TJCAN12 TrusJoist (formerly iLevel), Canada Limit States Design
CSG-TJCAN12CF TrusJoist, Calculs aux États Limites, en français canadien
Form # Name

Canadian Limit States Design | Allowable Stress Design

S-Q-28DWCCS17 Quik Drive® PROCCS+ Multipurpose Combo System
S-Q-28DWCCS17CF Système combo polyvalent Quik Drive® PROCCS+
F-L-CANSSW17 Steel Strong-Wall® Shearwall, Canadian Edition (Replaces F-CANSSW10)
F-C-CANTRUHGR16 General Plated Truss Hanger Installer's Guide (English and French) (Replaces F-CANTRUSSHGR10)
F-C-ICFVLCAN16 ICF Connectors, Limit States Design, Canada only (Replaces F-C-ICFVLCAN13)
F-NOMENCLATR14 Simpson Strong-Tie Product Nomenclature Guide (Replaces F-NOMENCLATURE)
F-SEISRETRGD12R Seismic Retrofit Guide
F-F-SDWCAN16 SDW Strong-Drive® Structural Wood Screws, Limit States Design
F-F-SDWSLOGCN16 High Strength and Easy Installation for Log-Home Fastening - Limit States Design
F-R-FX7014 FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System
F-R-FX7014CF FX-70® Réparation structurelle inerte résistant à la corrosion et système de protection
F-F-SDWSSDWH16C Strong-Drive® Structural Wood Screws for Interior and Exterior Fastening Applications (Replaces F-SDWSSDWH12C)
S-SAS-ANCLDLR12 Committed to Being Your Best Supplier, Period.
S-DECKCONCTP12 Critical Deck Connections
S-DECKCONCTP12F Critical Deck Connections (in French) / Assemblages essentiels d'une terrasse (en français)
F-R-CSS16 Composite Strengthening Systems
F-F-DCU16CF Deck-Drive Vis composite DCU Polyvalence qui fonctionne
F-F-SDWSCAN16 Strong-Drive SDWS TIMBER Screw
F-C-RCPSCAN16 Redesigned Rebar Carport Saddle (RCPS)
F-C-OAMISSN18CF Conçu pour la construction. Conçu pour y vivre
Technical Bulletins
Form # Name

Canadian Limit States Design | Allowable Stress Design

T-C-SCLCLMCAN17 Connectors Installed on SCL Columns, Limit States Design (Replaces T-C-SCLCLMCAN13)
T-C-N10TRSSCN16 LUL/LUS/HUS/HHUS/HGUS - 10d x 1-1/2" (N10) OPTION - Standard and Double Shear Face Mount Joist Hangers
T-NAILGUIDEC12 Correct Fasteners for use with Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors (in English & French) / Attaches à utiliser avec les connecteurs Simpson Strong-Tie® (en anglais & français) (Replaces T-NAILGUIDEC03)
T-PNEUMATIC12 Use of Pneumatically Driven Nails With Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors
T-PTBARRIER08-R Barrier Membranes and Preservative Treated Wood (Replaces T-PTBARRIER08)
T-C-28TWMMHC18 MMHC Hinged Roof Connector for Modular Building
Price Book
Form # Name
Price Book (Prices Effective July 12) Canadian Price Book
The price book lists the MSRP. Your actual cost may be affected by availability, freight options, and other factors. Contact your local supplier for exact cost. For a list of distributors near you please visit our online Dealer Locator, or contact our Sales Department at (800) 999-5099.