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Steel Strong-Wall® Two-Story Stacked-Wall Connection Kit 

Steel Strong-Wall® Two-Story Stacked-Wall Connection Kit

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Lateral Systems

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The Steel Strong-Wall two-story stacked-wall connection kit is a complete solution for two-story stacked-wall applications. The kit works with Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls to resist lateral forces. This Steel Strong-Wall shearwall option combines simplified installation with superior performance.

Key Features

  • Some of the highest loads in the industry, and design procedures that account for cumulative overturning
  • No bearing plates to install; walls can be placed flush against a corner
  • Compression loads transferred by nut and rod — reducing wood crushing under load

Product Includes

  • (1) shear-transfer plate (with #14 self-drilling screws), (2) 1" x 48" threaded rods F1554 Grade 36, (6) heavy hex nuts, and installation instructions


  • Drill or notch subfloor to allow compression nuts to sit flush with underside of Steel Strong-Wall (SSW)
  • Drill holes in first-story top plates to allow threaded rod to pass through
  • Install threaded rods and nuts in lower Steel Strong-Wall
  • Extend threaded rod through lower wall and floor system into upper wall
  • Install solid blocking under center and each end of SSW per designer
  • Place SSW over threaded rod and secure with anchor nuts included in SSW kit
  • Attach shear transfer plate to upper SSW with supplied #14 self-drilling screws, and to rim joist with 0.148" x 3" nails
  • Complete assembly with A34 angles (sold separately) per designer
  • Attach SSW to top plates or header with Strong-Drive® SDS screws (supplied)

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Two-Story Stacked-Wall Connection Kit

Product Information - Two-Story Stacked-Wall Connection Kit
  1. Two heavy hex nuts included with each wall.

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