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Blue Banger Hanger® Wood-Form Insert Cast-In-Place, Internally Threaded Insert

Blue Banger Hanger® Wood-Form Insert

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Multi-thread, cast-in-place wood-form inserts for cracked and uncracked concrete maximize jobsite efficiency and reduce inventory commitment. Also available in metal-roof-deck insert version, offering a low-profile design that does not interfere with roofing material.

Key Features

  • Code listed under the IBC/IRC in accordance with AC446 for cracked and uncracked concrete applications, per ICC-ES ESR-3707
  • Multi-thread design allows insert to accept multiple rod diameters
  • Blue plastic ring acts as an insert locator when forms are removed
  • Plastic ring creates a countersunk recess to keep internal threads clean from concrete residue
  • Nails snap off with a hammer strike after the forms are removed


Carbon steel


Yellow-zinc-dichromate coating


  1. Strike the top of the hanger and drive the 3 mounting nails into the forming material until the bottom of the hanger is flush with the bottom of the plywood. The hanger should be sitting 90° from the forming material.
  2. Once concrete is hardened and forms are stripped, strike the mounting nails to break them off.
  3. Insert the rod into the sleeve and thread it into the hanger.


  • ICC-ES ESR-3707
  • City of Los Angeles RR26030
  • Factory Mutual 3024378
  • Underwriters Laboratories File EX3605
  • Maximize pipe size information is listed within UL/FM reports.

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Product Information Tables

Product Data
Hanger Type For Rod Diameter (in) Model Number Carton Qty.
Wood-Form Insert 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 BBWF2550 200
3/8, 1/2, 5/8 BBWF3762 150
5/8, 3/4 BBWF6275 150