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PCSD Standing-Seam-Roofing Panel Clip Screw 

PCSD Standing-Seam-Roofing Panel Clip Screw

Key Features

  • Pancake head
  • #2 square drive (replacement bit BIT2SU-2 for Quik Guard®; BIT2S-2 for Type 410 stainless steel and clear zinc coating)
  • Drill point
  • Type 410 stainless steel is coated for additional corrosion protection
  • This screw is also available collated for the Quik Drive®


  • Standing-seam-roofing panel clips to steel, sheet steel sheathing to cold-formed framing


  • ASTM C1513 compliant

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Coating/Material Screw Size Length (in.) Head Diameter (in.) Drive Type Head Type TPI Point Type Point Size Packaging Qty. UPC
PCSDQ1B1214-4K Quik Guard® Coating #12 1 0.405 #2 Square Pancake Head 14 Drill Point 3 4000 746056443506

Product Information Table

Model No. Length (in.) Screw Size Drive Type Head Diameter (in.) Head Type TPI Point Size Point Type Coating/Material Packaging Quantity UPC
PCSD1B1016-5K 1 #10 #2 Square 0.405 Pancake Head 16 3 Drill Point Clear-Zinc Coating 5000 746056743507
PCSD1B1214-4K 1 #12 #2 Square 0.405 Pancake Head 14 3 Drill Point Clear-Zinc Coating 4000 746056196600
PCSDQ1B1016-5K 1 #10 #2 Square 0.405 Pancake Head 16 3 Drill Point Quik Guard® Coating 5000 746056146803
PCSDQ1B1214-4K 1 #12 #2 Square 0.405 Pancake Head 14 3 Drill Point Quik Guard® Coating 4000 746056443506
SSPCSD1B1016-5K 1 #10 #2 Square 0.405 Pancake Head 16 3 Drill Point Type 410 Stainless Steel 5000 746056947103

Load Tables

Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Member Connection Loads

  1. Screws and screw connections have been tested per AISI Standard Test Method S904-08 and S905-08.
  2. The tabulated ASD loads for cold-formed steel (CFS) members are based on the lower of the screw strength or the strength of the screw in the connected members per AISI S100-07 Section E4.
  3. The safety factor is based on AISI S100-07 Chapter F for tested connections.
  4. The nominal load values listed are achieved under laboratory conditions and should not be used for design loads.
  5. Values are based on CFS members with a minimum yield strength of Fy = 33 ksi and tensile strength of Fu = 45 ksi for 43 mil (18 ga.) to 27 mil (22 ga.), minimum yield strength of Fy = 50 ksi and tensile strength of Fu = 65 ksi for 22 mil (24 ga.), and a minimum yield strength of Fy = 50 ksi and Fu = 65 ksi for 54 mil (16 ga.) and thicker.
  6. For design purposes, steel sheet thicknesses are 0.0227" for 22 mil, 0.283" for 27 mil, 0.0346" for 33 mil, 0.0451" for 43 mil, 0.0566" for 54 mil, 0.0713" for 68 mil, and 0.1017" for 97 mil. The actual sheet thickness shall not be less than 95% of these design thickness as specified in AISI S100-07 Section A2.4.
  7. Screw diameters per AISI S200-07 General Provision Commentary Table D1.1.
  8. Minimum required screw length is the lesser of 3/4" or the minimum length required for the screw to extend through the steel connection a minimum of 3 exposed threads per AISI S200-07 General Provisions Standard Section D1.3.
  9. Larger of screw head or washer diameter, dw, for #10 and #12 screws is 0.375".
  10. The allowable load (ASD) values shown are not permitted to be increased for short-duration loads such as wind or earthquake loads.
  11. The lower of the Pull-Over and Pull-Out allowable load should be used for tension design.
  12. The tabulated shear values are based on the thinner steel member in connection. Steel thickness for both members must be in the range of 12-22 gauge.

PCSD (#10) Screw – (Sheet Steel Sheathing-to-CFS) Nominal Shear Strength (Rn) for Wind (W) and Seismic (S) for Shear Walls1 (lb./ft.)1,4,6,8

  1. Nominal strength shall be multiplied by the resistance factor (Φ = 0.6, LRFD Seismic, Φ = 0.65, LRFD Wind) to determine design strength or divided by the safety factor (Ω = 2.5, ASD Seismic, Ω = 2.0, ASD Wind) to determine allowable strength.
  2. Screws in the field of the panel shall be installed 12" (305 mm) on center (o.c.).
  3. Shear wall height to width aspect ratio (h/w) greater than 2:1, but not exceeding 4:1, shall be permitted provided the nominal strength values are multiplied by 2w/h.
  4. Wall studs and track shall be of ASTM A1003 Stuctural Grade 33 (Grade 230) Type H steel for members with a designation thickness of 33 and 43 mil.
  5. In lieu of blocking, panel edges shall be permitted to be overlapped and attached to each other with screw spacing as required for panel edges. Where such a connection is used, tabulated design values shall be reduced 30%.
  6. Maximum stud spacing 24" o.c.
  7. Blocking, if applicable, shall be a minimum 33 mil 1 1/2" width.
  8. Table based on Table C2.1-1 AISI Standard North American Standard for Cold-Form Steel Framing-Lateral Design 2007 Edition with Supplement No. 1 and Commentary.