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PHC™ Panel Hoist Clip

Misc. Connectors

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The PHC panel hoist clip allows easier installation and lifting of wall panels on the job and at assembly sites. The PHC clip features a small profile design to fit inside holes as small as 1.5". Contractors can either drill holes in the track onsite or have the track manufactured with holes for easier installation of the clip through the top track. The rolled edges and rolled hoist-edge-hole provide greater strength and give the capacity needed for heavy panel projects. Maximum and minimum screw patterns give you options for heavier or lighter load needs. The PHC hoist clip has been assembly tested for tension and panel pickup, providing an increased level of safety for panelizers, installers and engineers.

Key Features

  • Small profile to allow for easy installation through the top track
  • Greater top track strength with reduced opening size required for hoist clip to fit through top track
  • Rolled stiffener for increased strength across the entire length of clip
  • Rolled hoist-edge-hole for increased strength and smooth mounting edge
  • Screw pattern options allow for varying load needs; fill round holes for minimum loads, or fill round holes and triangular holes for maximum loads
  • Chamfered top corners and minimized distance of material above hoist hole allow for the lifting device to slide freely without getting stuck
  • Assembly tested for tension and panel pick up at different angles for attachment to stud web
  • Optional panel hoist clip cover (PHC-C) available to cover track hole and create a tight connector fit for the concrete pour when embedding the installed hoist in concrete or other hole cover needs


  • PHC12 — 97 mil (12 ga.), 50 ksi


  •  Galvanized (G90)


  •  Use all specified fasteners

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
New products
Model No. Thickness (mil) Ga. Product Includes Coating/Material Packaging Qty.
PHC12 97 12 Box of 50 connectors (screws not included) Zinc Galvanized, G90 50

Load Tables

PHC Allowable Connector Loads

  1. For additional information, see General Notes.
  2. Allowable loads are for clip and anchorage to stud.
  3. Minimum pattern is screws to all round holes; maximum pattern is screws to round and triangle holes.
  4. Linear interpolation is allowed for angles between 45℉ and 75℉.
  5. Tabulated values are based on 3 5/8" to 8" framing members with track and stud of the same thickness and 2 1/2" maximum diameter hole centered in the top track for lifting devices.
  6. Lifting devices should be connected to the PHC12 with a closed-loop attachment of sufficient strength to carry the allowable load.
  7. The listed allowable tension load is the allowable vertical load of the hoist clip (not the allowable load in direction of force).

Code Reports & Compliance