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PSPNZ Protecting Shield Plate

Misc. Connectors

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PSPN58Z and PSPN516Z protecting shield plate fastener stoppers meet IRC, IBC and the International Plumbing Code. PSPN516Z meets the code plumbing protection requirements as well as having additional fasteners if the designer chooses to use it as a track splice strap.


  • ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information


  • Flatten prongs with hammer as needed
  • Use #10 screws
  • #10 self-tapping screws may be used to attach PSPNZ to CFS framing with quantity determined by designer
  • PSPN516Z with (6) #10 self-tapping screws each side achieves an allowable shear capacity of 1,060 lb. and 1,580 lb. to 33 mil (20 ga.) track and to 43 mil (18 ga.) track, respectively


PSPN516Z at top plates

  • International Residential Code® — 2015/2018 P2603.2.1
  • International Plumbing Code — 2015/2018 305.6

PSPN516Z at bottom plate

  • International Plumbing Code — 2015/2018 305.6

PSPN58Z at top plates and bottom plate

  • International Plumbing Code — 2015/2018 305.6

Note that the IBC section 2308.5.8 (2018 IBC) and 2308.5.7 (2015 IBC) and the IRC section R602.6.1 require a 54 mil (16 ga.) strap with (6)16d nails and (8)16d nails respectively each side at a hole or notch in a wood top, sill or sole plate. The designer or local building jurisdiction may permit an equivalent fastener strength (e.g., screws in lieu of nails) to be used for the same condition in a CFS top or bottom track.

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Product Information Table

Fastener Production Information and Stuff & Things
Model No. Thickness (mil) Ga. W (in.) L (in.) Coating/Material Packaging Qty.
PSPN516Z 54 16 5 16 5/16 ZMAX® 1
PSPN58Z 54 16 5 8 ZMAX® 1

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