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GLB/HGLB Beam Seats


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Misc. Connectors for Engineered Wood

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The GLB series provides a connection between beam and concrete or CMU pilaster.


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. Hot-dip galvanized available; specify HDG.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Bolt holes in wood shall be a minimum of 1/32" to a maximum of 1/16" larger than the bolt diameter (per the 2015 NDS, section
  • Check the rebar spacing requirements on all installations


  • Beam seats for sawn timber and other sizes may be ordered by specifying special dimensions; use the letter designations shown on the illustrations
  • Specify if two-bolt GLB model is desired; see illustration

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Load Tables

    These products are available with additional corrosion protection. Additional products on this page may also be available with this option, check with Simpson Strong-Tie for details.

GLB/HGLB Beam Seats Load Table

See footnotes below.

GLB/HGLB Beam Seats Load Table
  1. Allowable bearing stress for masonry is based on an f'c of 1,500 psi using the IBC (ACI 530) Allowable Stress Design. Wood bearing is based on an f'c-perp of 650 psi.
  2. When installing on masonry, use the lesser of the masonry or the wood allowable load values. When installing on concrete, use a minimum f'c = 2,500 psi and use the wood values as the limiting allowable bearing load values.
  3. Allowable horizontal loads are bolt values and include increase for wind or earthquake loading. Loads must be reduced if stresses in masonry or concrete are limiting.
  4. Beams must fully bear on base plate.
  5. Specify "W" dimension when ordering.
  6. Uplift loads do not apply for this connector.

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